Monday 27 May 2013

It’s unlikely that my life is going to made into a film. It is slightly less likely that it will be made into a three-part miniseries. MOST LIKELY scenario…the most likely scenario of the possible scenarios I am allowing to be introduced into this scenario cauldron is that there is unlikely to be a nine-series 200+ episodes TV series that is based on my life on American subscription TV.

The (comparatively) likely scenario of a 200+ episodes of a TV show being broadcast by a subscription based TV network would not be reflecting my life if it did not feature quite a lot of me/the character based on me lounging about on a sofa doing fuck all – probably with a hangover.

All I am saying is that what I do with a hangover is significantly different to the characters in the successful comedy film The Hangover. I would venture that most people’s hangovers are. Yeah, I venture that. What you gonna do about it? They only real have a hangover for about three minutes. Most of the plot and jokes are based around them not remembering what has happened – which for me is not what a hangover is about. The not remembering is part of the being drunk on booze or drugs – or in the specific case of this film the unknowing taking of flunitrazepam/roofies.

Maybe the film would have taken more than the hundreds of millions of dollars that it did earn at the box office if had just been a fat man watching sport whilst reading random social media feeds and watching the odd You Tube video.

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