Thursday 16 May 2013

I find myself not knowing stuff about what my opinion is more and more these days.

For example, I’m not sure if I’m interested in seeing The Great Gatsby or not. I definitely know that I want to read the book. So, I’m interested in the story. I like films. I like Leonardo DiCaprio films.  I like having an opinion based on something other than conjecture. It sounds like I want to see it based on these statements.

But since Strictly Ballroom my interest in Baz Luhrmann has decreased exponentially. And I loved Strictly Ballroom. And I didn’t mind Romeo and Juliet. I liked that Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen) song as well. I just don’t think (i.e. I know) I am not that into massively ostentatious camp things. But I am reticent about admitting it in case I come across as homophobic in any way – which makes me think I have something to hide, even though I know I don’t; or do I not know?

And when I say I am massively into ostentatious camp (I think this is a pleonasm, camp surely takes ostentatious as a prerequisite…) things I mean I downright loathe them – which probably explains my reticence at admitting it a little more. I mean not liking the grossly camp is one thing, but loathing it? Who wants to admit something like that in the current political climate?

It’s just often a smoke screen for total dirge being classed as good/funny because something is loud. I liked the first series or two of Absolutely Fabulous for crying out loud. Because it was funny at first. And then it became about people shouting and saying LaCroix. Gimme Gimme Gimme was simply never funny. There became a point somewhere in (probably) the nineties where someone shouting became funny to people.

I have also never laughed simply because a man is dressed as a woman. Laughing at that without some joke being funny is surely what’s actually offensive. Ha! A man dressed as a woman! Yes, I do think you’re a cunt if you like Mrs Brown’s Boys.

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