Tuesday 14 May 2013

2013 marks a year without a stag party for yours truly. Which my body thanks me for – and those unable or unwilling to marry. To repay my body this past weekend I drank heavily twice and then – after a day crying about a football manager – drank again celebrating the title win of Manchester United. Hangovers are a tricky thing to manage, certainly as you get older. But….tantalisingly there is a way of balancing a hangover with drinking again to eventually leave you with no hangover. In fact I think alcoholics aren’t people whose excess leads to a chemical dependency on alcohol – it’s just people trying to drink off the next hangover, even if sleeping in a doorway is a by-product.

I have long since realised that the only thing I will do by drinking a hangover away is get its uglier brother stomping around by body for a day or three (five). But today… today I wasn’t far away from the perfect storm. Sure I was overly lazy and wanting to lie around and do nothing – but that is just the way I am. I won’t fall for the trick, I might not be suffering from your traditional ‘morning after’ hangover – bad head and sick feeling – but I’ll have the body aches for several days.

Still, like a responsible adult, I had foreseen I might not be on my A game and booked the day off work. I stupidly established that I would walk to Fallowfield to pick up a parcel for my partner (there was one for me as well – I’m not some kind of fucking charity worker). It was 10.30 when I said I would go. The PO closed at 2pm. Anyone who has spent any time in my company would know that’s just not long enough.

My brain has the last laugh, or so it thinks. When it is saying to me, “ha, you fucking prick it’s me who suffers when you throw lager in your mouth – how do you like me not wanting to do anything?” Well I’ll just poison you again and again and again and again until you give up. Then we’ll see who has the last laugh.

In this instance I did just about make the 15-minute journey, with ten minutes of the three-and-a-half hours remaining.  Can I get a woo-woo? I decided to treat myself with a walk back through Platt Fields Park where I took this decidedly average picture which I choose to share with you. You’re welcome.


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