Friday 03 May 2013

Dear Mr Bridgehouse,

I write concerning your weblog dated Wednesday 01 May 2013.

It is typical of liberal waste storage experts as yourself to offer a socialist slant on the storage of rubbish. Why exactly should people have put the rubbish in the two bins that weren’t overflowing? I find your attitude typical of the kind of person who thinks all societies answers can be found by applying so-called common sense approaches to problems.

The real problem probably involves the open bin policy on the bins themselves – allowing foreigners to come over and put the rubbish in honest English bins. I am not suggesting locking all bins shut, just sensible measures in place to stop the continuing litter illegal immigrants put in these bins. The bins are facing an influx in foreign rubbish that the three bins clearly cannot handle. And there is not other solution than to close our borders.

I find it very interesting that you think the solution lies in empty bins that are essentially the same. It will only encourage the further importation of foreign bins. I am not a bin racist, I am happy to use foreign bins when I am abroad.

Perhaps people are putting refuge in the three bins because these are good, honest English bins and the other bins are bins imported (probably illegally) from abroad. Did you even think about what the other people want? If they don’t want to put their rubbish in immigrant bins then I don’t think you should think they are doing anything wrong by insisting on putting their rubbish in English bins even if it means the rubbish overflowing and getting everywhere. (Perhaps it can be cleared up by some foreigner taking a job that could be done by an honest English man – not one of those that lives on benefits and doesn’t try to get a job though.)

I am not a racist.

Hugh Kip,
Proud English man.

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