Wednesday 01 May 2013

It’s no secret the disdain I hold for ‘people’. (Maybe I have it…no – I think you hold it, either way I think you know what page I’m on.)

I do try to be more positive about the rest of the human race but they make it so difficult. Take the communal bins at my flats. There is a constant stream of people misusing them. Have a look at the picture below. From left to right there are five large bins for general waste (the sixth on the right is for glass and plastic , you dick).

You will note that the bin on the left of the picture is what you might describe as overflowing. The second bin is overfull as is the fourth. Bins three and four are not. The picture does not show how not overfull they are – you will have to take my word for it that they were very not overfull. They were nearly empty.

So, people had balanced the bin bags on the other bins (that were already full) rather than put them in an empty bin, ensuring the bins are wide open so creatures can get in easily and out easily. Some of you might observe that bins three and five are in corners and aren’t as accessible as the other bins. And you’re right they aren’t as accessible. But only like some episodes of Masterchef are less accessible than other episodes to people who like Masterchef.

This is the people that I have to live in the same buildings complex as. Lazy horrible bastards. The worst thing is that I don’t live in the same complex as anything other than normal people. It’s just that normal people are fucking bastards. Opening a slightly less accessible bin to ensure waste is disposed in a satisfactory way is too much effort for these people.

Is it too much to suggest that whoever put those bin bags, particularly those in bin one, should face a custodial sentence? I’m not talking over the top. Five to ten years. I don’t approve of crime but in a lot of cases you can see why someone does crimes: anger, greed, liking sex with animals etc But I cannot get on the same page as the man or woman who balanced the last few bin bags on that first bin rather than try the bins that didn’t have obvious overspill issue.


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