Friday 26 April 2013

I feel that I am always right

Frustrated at a seeming lack of respect at work the other day I did the only sensible thing I felt was open to me: though I had arranged to speak with my manager I went home without cancelling the meeting. The ‘in a huff’ after the word home is unwritten in that previous sentence.

This seemed to achieve nothing: getting annoyed about a perceived slant and not saying anything about it and just getting in a mood achieved nothing. I know. Failing to recall a time when this had achieved a successful outcome* I considered that there might be a better way to seek some resolution.

What did I do? Well, after recent training I told him how the situation was making me feel. “No-one can argue with how something makes you feel,” We were told. So rather than tell him I THOUGHT he was wrong, I told him I felt undervalued and underused. I know. Only today he came over and said he’d decided to change some stuff around and I would now be doing the thing that I had thought I should be doing.

I don’t want to do it, of course. It was the principle. And the stupid fucking training was right. So all these years KNOWING I was right and BEING right were useless because it turns out you can get what you want by telling someone you feel that you are right.

It explains a lot of things to be honest. I can’t remember what I watched recently and the moral was kind of that you don’t need to be right, that being right isn’t important (can anyone tell me what I am thinking about? It was a woman who had this realisation, that’s as much as I can remember at this stage). I would love to say that this is a turning point in my life – but it isn’t. Being right is still the most important thing, even if it means you all have to die.

I feel that you’re a dick if you don’t love my blog.

*I am only speaking of workplace huffs. I have achieved success in my private life getting in a huff. But that is because I can be an emotional terrorist. Emotional terrorism is best left in your teens. However, like a Che Guevera of relationship politics, I still occasionally dabble in it, reminding myself that its rewards are short lived and real resolution lies in an open dialogue with everyone involved. The third option is the slow and steady attrition of petty gestures and actions in which I like to think I don’t get involved *puts something back in a place half-an-inch to the left of where it was*.

You Winstone You Lose Some

I am a big fan of the actor Ray Winstone. His acting, I like his acting. He hosted Have I Got News for You tonight. It was a bit uncomfortable. I am not sure what Winstone/the show’s producers had in mind having him host but what they got was an old man being quite sexist who has clearly reading everything he said of the cards he was holding. Everything.

At least the hosts are normally clearly reading off the autocue.

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