Tuesday 23 April 2013

The new UKIP party election broadcast is a masterpiece.

It starts with brown person saying how his family came to this country well over half a century ago – because there is a certain part at which immigration was OK. If it wasn’t then UKIP would be racist and they most certainly are not racist. The brown man explains further – using his hands – that his family worked hard to set up businesses and contribute. The subtext is clearly that these are OK immigrants.

Then there’s a white woman, a farmer no less,  saying that she has read in the papers that four million people have come to live in Britain in the last ten years. ‘Read in the papers’? You might as well say you heard it in a country and western song. She knows that many have come to work and contribute, she says so – proving she is not a racist. But, she says, it is a lot of people (that she read about in the paper, probably The Daily Mail).

In between the multicultural support for UKIP there are shots of the sea and the land. WE’RE AN ISLAND!!!

But don’t forget – being concerned about immigration doesn’t make you racist. A man says so. It does make you preoccupied with an issue that isn’t the reason for anything going wrong that does make you seem a bit racist, though.

Next we have a white black-cab driver talking about the chattering classes. He says something so idiotic that you forget it as he says it. He finishes up saying he has seen people’s houses in a way that suggests someone has suggested that these houses don’t exist.

Then a brown woman says that immigration is OK if the people allowed in have skills to offer.  It doesn’t say what skills are OK or say it is OK if we let unskilled people in if they are fleeing cultures where they are being tortured or rapes or anything like that. However, I have to assume that they are OK with these people not being allowed in because they are not chiropodists.

There is  woman saying something outside a lovely house. We quickly leave her because there is an older woman knitting who says something that kind of suggests immigrants are all on benefits. Then she says in her day EVERYBODY worked because she is a liar. She is just a bit old – she isn’t 196 years old.

A man says the government don’t care about ordinary working people. Ah well. You know the old saying: even a wank party election broadcast by thinly veiled racists is right once a broadcast. He is quickly replaced by a brown woman saying immigration is putting pressure on schools and the health service. Not decreased funding or legislations designed to take both out of the public sector. But she is brown! So, how can it be racist to blame everything on immigrants?

An old man, with what looks like medals from a war, says that London has changed beyond recognition in his lifetime. He is very old and bombings in his life so I would hope so. I think that he may not be talking about LCD screens on the sides of buses  –  he might been all the dirty foreigners on the street (on benefits). Who gives a fuck anyway? No other cities are mentioned.

Oh dear – it’s getting a bit mental now. The phrase ‘only withdrawing from the EU’ is used. It’s a UK candidate saying it so it can probably be ignored as insane.

At last! Nigel Farage is here. He’s sat in tweed in a classic looking English pub – fucking hell he’s English isn’t he? He even has half (half full right kids?) a beer on his table. He definitely just wants what is best for me and everyone here. What’s he saying now? He is mentioning something about immigration, why didn’t anyone say something about it earlier if it something UKIP cares about so much?

He hasn’t got anything against people from other countries. What about the drug dealing terrorists? Is he saying he loves drug dealing terrorists? Oh, apparently he isn’t saying that, I have misinterpreted him saying something else as him saying he has strong feelings of love and respect for drug dealing terrorists. He does, however, think that Britain needs to enter its open door policy to immigration. That’s common sense, he says. He might have a point here, and I think this is why there isn’t a total open door policy to immigration.

We finish with Diane James saying that if I agree with her I should vote UKIP in the forthcoming elections. I will not be voting UKIP. I will also not be voting for any party occupying the middle ground between the Conservative Party and the BNP. Or voting for a sack of rotten flowers.

One final observation – the multiculturalism suggested by UKIP seems to exclusively be white people and second and third generation Asians. No black people. I am not suggesting anything about that at all, just observing it.

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