Monday 22 April 2013

My resistance of being outraged by Daily Mail pieces was tested severely today when I read of their resident vehicle of vile, Jan Moir’s piece published today. The piece was apparently about the singer Katherine Jenkins looking too glamorous while running the marathon held in London yesterday.

Much like my weak resistance to the charms of nicotine I could not resist reading the article. I read it quickly and shut the web page down – as though the time I was on there somehow lessened either the viewing figures for the paper/article or, indeed, excused me abandoning any principles.

Fortunately the BBC is  not a media tool in place to reinforce a right-wing ideological worldview via a prism of celebrity culture and so offered a view of Jenkins that was (a) fact based and (b) fair. Two concepts alien to the average Daily Mail news item, let alone their op-eds (by pricks).

It’s not that Moir doesn’t mention the £25,000 Jenkins has raised for MacMillan Cancer Support: she does. Though she doesn’t refer to the charity’s name in full. Nor does she provide a link to either the charity or Jenkins’ fundraising page, either of which might have made the attack a tiny bit less shrewlike.

I am not a fan of Jenkins but I don’t see why she would annoy someone so much. I just don’t listen to her music; I don’t follow her on Twitter; I don’t read about her in magazines. This pretty much removes her from my existence – or at least reduces her to someone I occasionally see on television and feel little positive or negative energy towards.

To vilify someone based on them being successful and – horror of horrors – trying to look good seems to perfectly encapsulate the nature of columnists such as Moir. TDM’s website is probably where Ms Jenkins receives a lot of exposure. To this end you can’t argue with TDM’s self-sufficient mechanism of over-publicising people to then denigrate them for being over publicised. TDM is not the only part of the media guilty of this: but it seems to be the best/worst at it.

The moral of this story is that I clearly haven’t learned anything new – which isn’t even a moral.

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