Friday 19 April 2013

I don’t think my self-imposed ban on visiting The Daily Mail’s website has had quite the impact on Britain’s most successful national hate publication I had hoped it would. I have not heard any announcements of the website facing falls in advertising revenues. Which is odd because I probably allowed myself to visit as many as TWENTY PAGES  a week.

To be fair they probably have had that counteracted by the death of the face of Thatcherism – Thatcher. I’m only imagining the content of TDM in this time but it makes me sick (what I am imagining). In a couple of weeks when people in Kent have got over reading polemics by the various conquistadors of social morality that line the corridors of TDM’s columnist wing.

The BBC’s Magazine Monitor (DM: “Is this what our Licence Fee is paying for???”) told me (cruelly???) what I was missing today. If anyone has a spare five minutes – and lacks my moral fortitude – could they absorb the article Where you stand in the lift reflects your social status please? (And then get in touch and share a precis.) It’s typical of the financial clout of this right-wing celebrity harnessing bohemoth that they have snapped up this clearly fascinating piece of socioloogical analysis.

Nothing like a bit of the justice. I saw the below tweet just before I went to bed. What you have to admire about it is the official police tweet show’s open disdain for due process and the judicial system. Game over!!! Guilt confirmed (by them – with a ‘little help’ from the media). The end of terror has to be seen as a good thing, though, and the suffocation of ensuring all this is true definitely is fine and dandy. Thank you justice.

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