Wednesday 17 April 2013

There has been some big movements in the world of the top shelf of my main DVD storage unit – which holds all my DVDs in conjunction with the twin towers of DVDs in another corner of the room. Blu-rays, Mad Men excepted (has its own shelf in the east tower of the twin towers of DVDs) go somewhere entirely different NATCH.

The main move has seen the Steve Coogan catalogue (all Partridges, Saxondale etc) come into this main shelf of TV comedy. The move has been seen by many observers as a sign that this shelf is where the prestige now is – as opposed to The Prestige which is on a lower shelf in unspecified piles of films.

In the past the prestige definitely was seen by a character/series having its own shelf in the twin towers but this Coogan shift has put paid to that. Peep Show  and Gervais work are now the only two shelves of British TV comedy in the twin towers. And the less said about the latter the better. However this blog is know for not being better – so I will say more about it.

Gervais isn’t going to need any more shelf space than one of the shelves of one of the twin towers. Because he’s fucking shit nowadays and The Office, Extras and his first couple of live DVDs fit on one shelf.

The Coogan move was partly brought on by the latest Partridge DVDs taking Coogan over two shelves. Partridge was taking over: now I know how Steve Coogan’s career feels! Bosh! So Coogan was a big fish on small twin tower pond. But he’s a big enough fish to be the big fish on a big DVD pond rammed with quality.

Stuff like this can be underestimated but it shouldn’t be. This shelf is a veritable collection of DVDs that I really like. And the arrangement is…well there is some haphazard arrangement: what is Game On doing in the middle of Spaced and The League of Gentlemen? I’ve only noticed that it’s ridiculous. Reece Shearsmith, part of the TLoG, has a recurring role in Spaced. They shouldn’t have Game On in the middle – no matter how fucking brilliant the first series was, before Ben Chaplin left it and it started being a bit like a show about a paedophile.

Fawlty Towers is in the middle of Night Night and Gavin and Stacey which needs to be together for the Julia Davis connection. Clearly. Then it kicks in a bit..we’re on a roll! Nighty Night to Human Remains…to Marion and The Trip/Cock and Bull Story…to Coogan’s mass of DVDs…tail that off with The Day Today to Brass Eye. The next link is a bit spiritual as Chris Morris has kind of got in the way a little (why didn’t he direct an episode of The Thick of It instead of Veep? Shit! Nathan Barley should be here. Piss.)

Then it’s a bit of an Ianucci run – sandwiching around Stewart Lee stuff, much of which he was involved with. Oddly enough Time Trumpet comes at the end  – despite it being an Ianucci project of which Lee is only a small part.

And that was the story of my rearranged shelf.



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