Tuesday 16 April 2013

Proud to be British….this morning on Talksport they were proudly relaying anecdotes from callers who were saying that they hadn’t intended to go to Sunday’s London Marathon but were now going to go to show the people who bombed Boston that they couldn’t scare English people.

Then they had the Boston police chief on saying how London people shouldn’t be concerned about attending the marathon on Sunday. I’m sure Sunday is going to be fine. But he’s probably the last person in the world to be commenting about putting on a safe marathon.

I worried about that joke. Sometimes I forget that no-one is listening to what I say to get offended. But if I was thinking people could think it was offensive then maybe people – the hypothetical people I was imagining – were right and this was an offensive thing to say/write/think/mime. I worried that much I didn’t even put it on Facebook or Twitter. Yeah.

It is probably for the best not to make a joke about anything connected to anything where someone died. “Yeah but people died, you can’t make fun of that.” Yeah but…”nope, people died”…but if you just let me….”died”.

(But the joke isn’t about someone dying or that people died..but, no, I suppose if you trace the line back I guess the deaths are implicit in the supposed humour…shit. It’s not about the deaths. It’s not.)

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