Friday 12 April 2013

I feel the need to preface this with a clear statement that despite the nature and tone of some of the things in the following entry I am in no way of a mindset that it’s funny that this person died. It’s more an insight into what I think about when I see something like this.

That said some of this does sound a bit flippant about someone dying. Let’s just be clear about this: I am not celebrating it.

Is the publication of the image really going to stop anyone from texting while driving? I’m not saying there isn’t a good motive behind the dead chap’s parents act. I’m more questioning   whether it will have an effect or not. I suppose it might. Dying is quite a bad consequence.

Not having any manners isn’t as bad as death, and not having any manners is the main result of people texting while they are meant to be doing something else. Just stop looking at your phone when you’re getting on the bus for ten seconds. See also being served by anyone at any point.

“His parents and police are hoping the photo of the text on his smartphone will remind people not to text and drive.”

A photo alone is not going to do much is it? I mean look at it. The picture makes me think a few things:

  • Who leaves their home on 5% battery?
  • What sounds good?
  • There doesn’t seem to be much interaction here. Almost like the other person is being mithered. The last unfinished text may be a part of some bombardment of messages, he died mithering (possibly).
  • I didn’t realise Americans did ya.
  • What was that last word going to be? Tweet? Perhaps the w is a red herring. At the moment it was being typed the vehicle was probably at the moment of contact in to what would be a fatal collision don’t forget.

The picture doesn’t make me think that I shouldn’t send messages while driving. I’m not a driver, so I’m not really the target audience so perhaps I really can’t understand. Like I can’t understand how sad big disasters are because I don’t have children.

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