Thursday 11 April 2013


Can someone tell me what self-opinionated means? Well, you don’t have to tell me – I know what it means. It’s just not any different from opinionated is it? Are people opinionated with opinions that aren’t their own?

Why do people feel the need to try and make words/phrases more grandiose by adding words to them? On Talksport tonight they were talking about how well a team prepared by describing their movements as pre-rehearsed. As opposed to rehearsed? There is no pre-rehearsed. There is just rehearsed, some rehearsal may happen before other rehearsal but it is all the same thing.

Tickets! Tickets! Who needs tickets?

The cast is definitely different, but there is definitely a feel around the Thatcher funeral that is similar to that around a gig around tickets/guest list.

There are definitely going to be people there who are going because it will enhance their reputation/make them look good/the kind of thing they aspire to be needs to be seen at the kind of thing.

Given the brilliant anecdotes that people talk about what a horrible person she was it seems out of keeping to have a funeral for her. If there is any justice in the world (he said sounding all Lamar) surely it would be a unfeeling process of smashing her corpse into the most private industry-framed box, perhaps the process would be given out to a company who provided a tender that considered the good of society the least. There is, of course, no justice.

In fact, my idea of justice aside, it is entirely fitting that the ceremony to mark the death of ‘The Metal Woman’ will cost the state an exceptional amount and promote some sense of nostalgia for a perverse dismantling of the remainder of the surviving elements of the welfare system.

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