Wednesday 10 April 2013

I made it to the end of the third season of The Walking Dead. That is more than I can say for the majority of the cast who started in the show. I think there are like four people left from the first season. All the rest got shot, eaten – or died in childbirth.

There have been times when I wasn’t sure about carrying on watching this show. The first season was very good, I enjoyed it a lot. But I was quite bored for a lot of the second series. I don’t normally show much patience with TV shows that go off the boil after a brilliant first series. I watched about four minutes of the third season of True Blood before giving up on it as ‘pointless twat’.

At least I watched some of it. There are numerous shows that get recorded and live for a while on my Sky+ hard drive before being deleted before my eyes ever even see them. At least The Shield has the dignity of being a box set, looking at me from atop my CDs, its dignified deluxe edition case seems to sometimes say to me, “what are you fucking looking at you prick? If you’re so interested why don’t watch me? All you know about me is that I have that fat, bald bloke starring.” It only seems to be saying that, though, as it’s an inanimate object and possesses no conscious thought – let alone the ability to convey meaning through language.

And Dexter. What is my problem with Dexter? Other than my former boss rating it and his other favourite TV shows were The Bill and Desperate Housewives. I like to sometime imagine what is happening in Dexter. I know what it’s about, he works for the police and he’s a serial killer. Surely it has got either ridiculous or repetitive by now.

Which doesn’t bring me back to The Walking Dead. But that sentence about it not bringing me back to The Walking Dead kind of has. The thing TWD has up its sleeve is either: big set pieces where some major characters are under attack by a lot of zombies and they smash their heads in, or have one of the main characters kill another one of the main characters.

Now we are left with: Egg from This Life, kind of the main character but has increasingly just stood about looking in a bad mood this year (wife died after having a baby that may not be his); Egg from This Life’s son, moody little bastard who’s got a taste for killing people – including his own mother just after she gave childbirth a second go (not a conventional Oedipus complex) and the other potential father of his little sibling; Daryl, who’s my best one, he’s the good-hearted hick – there have been a couple of bad-hearted ones who both bit the big one, including Daryl’s brother who got killed and then turned into a zombie and tried to eat Daryl so Daryl had to stab the fuck out of him; Glenn, he was kind of the geeky little lad who helped Egg from This Life in the opening episode and now he’s a bit chiselled and is the only one getting any – with a woman who appeared in the second series which was mainly dull in a house but then got better. Oh and there’s another survivor as well – Carol, who has the hair of someone in remission.

There are some other surviving main characters but these are the only ones who have made it through three short series. Maybe this is why I maintain interest: there is definitely something extra interesting about a show where you are not quite sure who is safe. The other thing I should mention about The Walking Dead is that it is often really rather good. And the boring characters? You get the satisfaction of watching a zombie eat them or see someone shoot them in the face.

Todays Blog/Meta data:

Today the blog was viewed twice in the country of Jordan (that feels like I’ve overwritten it but I think you do need to say ‘the country of’ before Jordan lest people think you are talking about the celebrity cunt). Separate piece of information: the blog was viewed twice via someone googling ‘bg brathar bolska sex’. I’m going out on a limb when I say I think these are the same two people.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 10 April 2013

  1. Hannah says:

    I had to stop watching walking dead after the first few eps of season 2. It’s brilliant but it was sucking the life out of me. When the happiest thing that happens is somebody DOESN’T get eaten by a zombie it kinds of puts you on a downer. I felt like I needed to watch a care bear marathon after each episode just to perk me back up. X

  2. house78 says:

    Yeah it’s for the best you gave it up; series three ended with people shooting themselves so they didn’t turn into a zombie. There was also a man who killed a lot of none-zombles in cold blood just because he’s evil.

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