Thursday 04 April 2013

I’ve got all mixed up with my days writing this in retrospect; making some of these entries amalgam affairs with some elements of different days seeping into others. My sunburn happened on Wednesday, not Tuesday as the entries suggested. Just wanted to clear that up. It explains why yesterday’s didn’t mention the perfick bit of steak I had: I had transposed the meal on to today/Thursday. But, just so you know, I had a fantastic bit of steak yesterday.

I can’t pick up the football section of The Guardian iPhone app on this holiday without some words about Paulo Di Canio. Some time ago Di Canio said and did some things which implied he was, to some degree, sympathetic to – or indeed a – fascist. He said he was a fascist is a more direct way of stating the case.

He has said he is not a racist (always a good thing when someone is needing to state this publicly . He hasn’t done anything other than do a fascist salute (in Italy at games to wind people up) and have a tattoo on his body of DUX in recognition of Mussolini who seems to be one of his idols. I am not saying you have to run an internment camp to be  a problem but…you have to do something more than say you are something that you don’t really do anything to prove you believe.

The single characteristic thing about his tenure of Swindon Town was that he wore a green coat when on the touchline for games. No fascism. To be fair he was occasionally a bit of a dick-this does not separate him from a great deal of people involved in football/sport/the world.

I want to be clear about something: I am not condoning fascism. I don’t like fascism. Even if they do have all the best uniforms. But all that Mr Di Canio seems to be guilty of is having some beliefs that he does not act upon. Well he certainly hasn’t acted upon them in Britain recently. So the outcry is about his thoughts. And it seems a bit much to want someone to think in a certain way, when those thoughts aren’t making them act differently.

But. But. But…it’s not great is it? I would like it if everyone had positive socialist tendencies ( like Mussolini did until he turned). The world tends to work differently: people have all kind of mental ideas on how the best way to live is. And I suppression of beliefs is not something the left or the right should seek to do. Debate and change minds – yes. You should only force someone to act differently when their actions decrease the quality of the lives of others.

I haven’t a psychiatry degree or an intimate knowledge of Mr Di Canio’s psyche but he strikes me as the type of chap to do things for effect. Same reason a lot of people espouse right-wing rhetoric and join hate groups. They just want to be different. And maybe they enjoy aggressive behaviour to behavior opposed to their own – like shouting “fuck off you hippy cunt” at a sign that isn’t quite as clever as it thinks it is being carried by someone in an army coat. Large men from Burnley with almost no hair about some people going somewhere  is ugly and annoying and I’d prefer it didn’t happen. But you have to have freedom of thought and expression or what’s the point?

(I’m aware I’m using polarised stereotypes here, I’m being post-modern by acknowledging it here: enjoy it).

By stigmatising certain things you enable the cycle of behaviour from people who simply want to annoy and repulse. If their was more of a culture that allowed freedom of thought and expression there would almost certainly be less hate and aggression.

For those wondering about my holiday: the sun has gone and the rain is intermittent. But you know what? I built and maintained the fire.I think there was some doubt I could make a fire but I took it upon myself and I built  a pretty fucking good fire. It was mainly made up of wood and flames like all good fires.

Disco inferno

Disco inferno

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