Wednesday 03 April 2013

For me the decision not to go to a small mountain village was not one made on the back of drawing up a list of pros and cons. It was something I could allow instinct to dictate.

Before people begin to jump to the defence of Spanish mountain villages I should explain that getting to or from the villa we are in requires driving along very narrow, very windy (in generally windy weather) roads. On the side of a mountain. That last bit is probably more important than the others – for as much as I don’t like going outside the lines of a road it is more about plummeting to my death that bothers me. And for that reason I declined the day trip to a Spanish mountain village. As I would have declined a trip anywhere.

But, full disclosure, I have no fucking interest in small Spanish mountain villages. (And anyone who says I would sulkingly have turned any trip down after not being able to watch the football yesterday is wrong.)

So what does a man do all on his own? Well a man entertains himself that’s what he does. I had to finish off watching Life of Pi. It is one of those books that I have read in the last five years or so that I would have struggled to explain the plot of to someone. Ditto The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The film was OK like, just not great. Bit dull, looked nice: 5/9.

I was also ploughing my way through The Godfather (book) after years of meaning to, I am finally reading it. I tend not to read books if I have seen the film but if you can’t make an exception for The Godfather then what can you make an exception for? (Well I also made an exception for Jurassic Park, so that is an answer to the question.) It’s clearly a brilliant book and the first book I have ever read that compares vaginal reconstruction surgery to carpentry. Maybe I am reading the wrong books.

I also watched some episodes of The Twilight Zone. I fucking love The Twilight Zone. Having mad ideas in the late 50s was so much easier than having ideas now because no-one had ideas before then. Apart from The Bible, war and a few ideas about science. If they were so fucking clever in history then why didn’t they invent the iPod or the internet? Dicks.

My quantum of solace

My quantum of solace

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