Wednesday 27 March 2013

Leaning Away

Tolerance by a definition is as much as something someone can take. But there are numerous elements of this definition which you can ask questions about. Mainly though what is ‘as much as someone can take’? Is it the point at which something is annoying you? Is it the point at which an experience is deteriorated beyond enjoyment? Is it the point you stab someone in the neck because of what they were doing?

For many groups the mere fact that other groups don’t agree with them is enough to plant bombs in shopping centres and paint murals of balaclava clad soldiers on the side of houses. I DID NOT even paint a mural of the old woman who was breathing loudly at the side of me at the theatre this afternoon. I did nothing other than lean forward in my seat so I was further away from her loud breathing. A lot of religions and countries could learn a lot for me – lean away away from the annoying thing, don’t try and live in the same bit of land.

The old woman carried on breathing abnormally loudly and I was able to enjoy a very good production of The Ladykillers at The Lowry. The Irish, The Middle-East, Game of Thrones – you could all learn a lot from me and putting up with someone creating a little bit too much noise breathing. I know what you’re thinking: it’s probably not the same, you’re dangerously oversimplifying things that have caused millions of deaths over the years. And maybe I am. I definitely am. But until they try it no-one can prove anything.

Newton had his theory about gravity; he proved it by dropping an apple. Eureka had his theory about hot baths; he proved it by getting in a hot bath. It’s about time the world proved my theory of leaning away by leaning away (rather than the whole tanks/bombs thing).


In order to not pay for parking while we were at The Lowry I bought a cheeseburger from Burger King. It didn’t reach the £5 limit though – I didn’t know about the limit ahead of my order, I know BK is expensive but even I know that wouldn’t set me back more than a Godiva (I wasn’t at an airport for crying out loud). Learning from my mistake – and knowing I just needed to spend £5 I spent £15 on a t-shirt and some socks. Mission accomplished. Parking validated.

So, I can’t really really explain why I bought some of them high top trainers in the Nike outlet store. If this is the first time you are reading this blog, allow me to introduce myself: I am not a person who is young enough to wear some of them trainers. I don’t really know what I was playing at with this.

It’s a bit like last year when I bought a pair of Converse. I like to go a little bit out of my comfort zone with my clothes and that at times. And what I actually do is buy something I kind of like the look of but doesn’t really fit in with my mojo – and then wear it once and never wear it again. In other words “going a little bit out of my comfort zone” translates to throwing some money away. (It was a little justified with the Converse as I bought a size too small. Justified/stupid are interchangeable in the last sentence.)

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