Tuesday 26 March 2013

How do you Top Leavecember (and to a lesser extent Leavecember 2: Semi-Leavecember)?

When you’ve taken almost all of December 2011 off and thereby invented Leavecember how are you meant to top it?

I did it by taking half of December 2012 off, inventing Leavecember 2: Semi-Leavecember.

How do you top that? A third of December 2013 off? Trient-Leavecember? Fuck off.

I’ll tell you how you top it: Leavecember 3 – Leavester. I’m finishing at lunchtime on Wednesday and off work until Monday 8 April 2013.

Two problems with this:

1. Unlike Leavecember and Leavecember 2: Semi-Leavecember I haven’t got as much time to play with. Unlike them both as well I have quite a few things planned. Two plays, a trip to Milton Keynes and a few days in Spain.

2. I’ve got lots of work shit shitting on my work plate – and work is trying to watch me eat it. Well fucking unlucky work: I’m not eating your shit. I’m eating Leavester Eggs – which are specifically the small Galaxy Caramel eggs you get in a packet of about 10.

With problems like this, who needs solutions? Am I right kids?

Facebook Old Pictures of Ashton

Observations about this image :

Is “Cinema – the best place to see a film!” the best slogan you have ever seen advertising a cinema (though admittedly it wasn’t really accurate even in the mid 1980s)?

What is going on with that woman crossing the street? Is it just unfortunately timed? Or is she what people at the time would have dubbed a ‘mong’? (In times before political correctness went mad of course.)

One film on the sign describes the stars of the other.

This doesn’t seem to be the only person photographing the Metro cinema this fateful day.

One of the comments on the picture is a woman saying that she remembers an amusement arcade in the cinema building that is at the side near where the bus is.  I would say – slightly more accurately – that the amusement arcade is where the large ‘AMUSEMENTS’ sign is (though admittedly the bus IS very close to it, it just seems the less obvious thing to refer to as being a visual identifier for the amusements).

I have less to say about this second image but was no less intrigued by it. I think it is someone selling towels but I cannot be sure. It could be a man covering a very small man or woman while they change their clothes. He could also be declaring a towel person the victor in some kind of fight, raising its arms like a boxing referee does with the winner of a bout. Whatever is going on, and I think we can assume it is someone selling something towel-like, it hasn’t half captured the imagination of the people of 80s Ashton – which is no mean feat, capturing something many people believe did not exist.

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