Sunday 24 March 2013

Different things were differently expected today – and if ever a blog opened with a statement as pathetically trite as that before then I hope someone did a comment on the blog that said “fucking hell that opening gambit was trite.” Or not. Whatever.

I woke up to a BBC journalist not taking it easy on Boris Johnson. It seems like London’s charismatic  mayor (copyright Boris Johnson’s press office) may be finally wearing away at the patience of journalists who are not happy that he won’t admit that he wants to be Prime Minister and – to be fair in the case of the Eddie Mair – that he is not quite the loveable posh-o he has convinced  a lot of people he is: SHOCK! Powerful member of the Conservative Party didn’t get where he is by being a a rambling, unkempt haired, loveable bastard 24-7.

Yes, he has been and may remain a bit of a shit. There are often big clues to this effect if you listen to what he says rather than just laugh at edited footage of him being amiable. We did all laugh when he got stuck on a swingy thing last summer. Hahahaha! Look at the fool! But he also described as same-sex marriage being akin to people marrying their pets (and I say people but he said men – like many people opposing same sex marriage he did talk about men).

He was not forthcoming on questions about illicit journalistic practice and threats of physical harm to people in his past doings. But whatever the questions were about were almost not important; people were not really talking about WHAT he refused to answer or what he did say, they were just talking about someone standing up to him.

Whether or not this is the start of the fall of BJ is another matter. The majority of Mair’s ammo was based on the content of an upcoming documentary about Johnson. Perhaps he is being hung out to dry by his colleagues in the party as pre-emptive move to stop his rise to power. Cameron must know just how much danger is represented by a bumbling oaf with a nice line in homophobia and anti-immigration. (That last sentence really should be sarcastic but sadly it’s fucking not.)

From there the biggest news was that one car in a car race overtook another one. And everyone hated the guy doing the overtaking. I don’t watch Formula 1 anymore – because it is exceedingly dull. I am thinking of watching the next race, though, because of this. The top two guys hate each other? That’s brilliant. One of them, notably the better one *winking emoticon*, ignores direct orders from their team to allow his team mate to win? Superb. Then he just admitted he shouldn’t have done it afterwards but didn’t bother saying why he had done it. Give them guns, Formula 1, and you’ve got me back as a viewer.

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