Friday 22 March 2013

The Amazon page for the Nigel Benn autobiography seems to really struggle with the title. The struggle isn’t helped by the book’s cover. I believe it is just called The Dark Destroyer. These three words are absent from the book’s cover, as shown below.

However rather than just refer to the book as plainly The Nigel Benn Autobiography the Amazon page refers to it as: Nigel Benn – The Dark Destroyer: I’ve Had Some Good Rucks in the Ring but I’ve had Some Even Better Ones in the Street. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that this IS on the cover of the book. But, still, what is going on here? We aren’t talking about paying taxes here – we are talking about selling a book on the internet, Amazon have actually done this a little bit. They have certainly done it enough to be able to see that a quote on a book is not necessarily the title of the book.

Does Nigel Benn have no agent or representation looking into this? Although if he does have some representation perhaps I shouldn’t credit them with the business savvy to check a book is correctly titled on the Amazon page selling the book. I make this assumption because they weren’t savvy enough to suggest to anyone involved in the process of producing this book cover that (a) the book’s title was not on the cover, and (b) that this isn’t even a good quote – this is a boxer who was very famous, successful and took part in some legendary fights; highlighting that he prefers the crime of hitting someone in the street.

One of the reviewers does say this is a good book, though, saying it rises up above the usual one-sided view offered in books about boxers. I am not sure what I can read into an autobiography not being a one-sided view of someone’s life; or indeed other books that aren’t autobiographies having a less one-sided view. Less than one side. The concept of an autobiography isn’t foreign only to this reviewer, “kingy” seems a bit disappointed that the book covers Benn’s life as a whole rather than just fighting Chris Eubank.

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