Wednesday 20 March 2013

I don’t even know what the budget said today. I am not apathetic, or at least I am not as apathetic as I could appear to be if I really tried.

Partly I was really busy at work. Then partly I wanted to unwind when I got home. Then partly I wanted to read reviews of MacBooks even though I know they will be good. And partly I was watching five episodes of Cheers. And partly I didn’t want to read about loads of depressing shit. I can understand apathy at times, because politics is fucking depressing quite a lot of the time.

I find having an interest in politics mainly a frustrating experience. And not in that “Jesus, bad things annoy me!” kind of frustration (bad things DO annoy me, clearly). Everyone just thinks they are so right about everything all of the time that nothing much is co-operative. It is all about being opposite to the other people and getting in power and then doing the opposite of what they did* until people get bored of the-opposite-of-what-they-were-bored-with and vote for the-opposite-of-the-opposite-of-what-they-were-bored-with (aka what they were bored with). AND you can barely tell the difference between the parties. And politicians were all honest and knew everyone’s name back in the good old days.

Actually, I am told that rather than things people voting for something different they are both just maintaining a status-qup, I think this is called being a neo-reactionary, my friend uses the term all the time. I hate it when things without a finite time dependency take on the neo prefix. What is so neo about these reactionaries that are different from the reactionaries? Basically what it means is that both sides (we all know there are only two sides – even when one of the others is part of the government) are actually not changing anything about the politics and systems in society, merely appearing as different choices meaning, that to all intents and purposes, democracy in its current shape is meaningless. Cheery eh? The only real change will come with overthrowing the system – as real change is only affected by revolution. At least that’s one way of looking at it. I still have some faith left in the Labour Party – while recognising the decay of socialism that once fuelled its fire.

See, there is a world of debate over just categorising what kind of political state the state is in. You want to spend some time reading people argue. You’d assume that the main debates would be between the left and the right. But just like the Life of Brian and the various Judean people’s groups there is more fighting between people who essentially believe the same thing. People who are passionate about being right about making a political point are so obsessed with being COMPLETELY RIGHT about everything that they spend their lives arguing with people who believe 99% of things they do, rather than tackle the real problems of people they share no beliefs with.

I follow the socialist Owen Jones on Facebook. Reading the comments that follows anything he says makes me realise that I am right about people ruining everything. PEOPLE RUIN SOCIALISM: you can drink that irony until you piss your pants. These socialists constantly snipe at each other for thinking slightly different ideas of thinking about something liberally are somehow stopping good things happen. Rather than good things not happening because at least selfish bastards on the right will ignore all manner of evil if it gets them what they want. And while the country burns the members of the Socialist Party are debating how unequal equality is in REAL terms because it ignores blah blah fucking blah.

YOU’RE NOT GOING TO END CAPITALISM BY MARCHING AND THEN GOING HOME AND BUYING THINGS FROM AMAZON AND TESCO. YOU AREN’T GOING TO OVERTHROW THE SYSTEM, EITHER, BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ENOUGH OF YOU AND YOU’RE IGNORING THAT THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T AGREE WITH YOU. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS ACCEPT THAT A MODERN IDEOLOGY NEEDS TO WORK FOR EVERYONE OR IT’S NOT FUCKING IN ANYONE’S INTEREST. SO PUT DOWN YOUR IPHONE AND YOUR MAC AND YOUR IPAD AND ACCEPT THAT CAPITALISM MAYBE WON, OR THAT IT BEAT YOU AT LEAST, AND NOW LOOK AT HOW EVERYONE CAN LOOK AT MOVING FORWARD AND HAVING A SYSTEM THAT DOESN’T IGNORE THE POOR AND THE WEAK AND THE ILL AND THE DOWNTRODDEN. But maybe does accept that there can be some rich people and not necessarily hate them for being so. We’re probably not going to move from what we have now to a socialist society. So perhaps stopping talking about it and refusing to vote for Labour because of some stuff you kind of are sure you think Tony Blair did and voting for some party that isn’t going to beat the Tories because it ends up in the Tories stripping away that which remains of the welfare state, throwing the NHS down a grid and forcing people to pay a tax on their own enforced paucity. And then just blaming EVERYONE ELSE for not being as clever as you are at wearing a satchel and drinking real ale.

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