Tuesday 19 March 2013

Everything is relative, no? Yes – Einstein was right about that. Sure he was talking about particles and scientific things like that (nucleus, electron, test tubes). But it’s true of everything. One of the hardest things to accept in life is that you are viewing everything relative to you; and while you are the centre of your own universe you have to remember that this is not true for everyone else (for they are the centre of their own universe, travelling towards/away from your universe).

Just because the speed of someone’s social network status of I’m happy or I’m sad might make you think ‘what an attention seeking bastard’ it is probably because that speed is relative to your own happiness/unhappiness when reading the status. You also have to factor in your cynicism. And how much you like the person. Similarly being OK with people’s stati that you like is just because you are travelling in the same direction as them (for those tiring  of the science/relativity metaphor this means you like what people say who you have already decided you like) even though they might be talking just as much bilge as someone else who you hate – despite having said the same thing.

Then of course there are the ones where people are travelling in the same system as you but because of a collision you start moving in an opposite direction. So people go from liking something that really has no merit to despising similar meritless shit because of a change in the forces acting in the system.

This is a ridiculously unnecessary metaphor for saying sometimes I catch myself hating (and I know/do hating – for me it’s not a euphemism for something mildly irking me) something passionately that someone has put on Facebook/Twitter that I know the person has meant completely inoffensively. Equally (in the sense of NOT equally at all – but vaguely in the same field of reference) I find myself not calling someone out on writing something that is utter horse shit because I generally like them.

I’m not sure what this is meant to mean; I’m very aware this was a very clunky way of saying something without real insight into ANY element of human existence. I think it has something to do maturing/growing up/getting old* but it could also to do with having a modicum of self-awareness. To be honest this is something I’ve always had but only just started thinking about so maybe it is both self-awareness and age. But I think some people don’t need the time to be a bit less of a twat.

Even having this wisdom I left with two points:

  1. I can’t change the thing about the relativity, I will still take great offence at people making salient points just because I find them generally offensive/found one small thing about them largely offensive the moment I met them and shaped all opinions of them based on that.
  2. Some people are absolute fucking melons.

And taking these both into account means that NOTHING has changed by framing the obvious in an Einsteinian syntagm. Interesting…interesting…I’m just going to sit here and wait for my Nobel prize.

*it all depends on what frame of mind you’re in as to which one of these you choose – admittedly ‘growing up’ is maybe I should be beyond at 34 and three-quarters. ‘Getting old’ is definitely is more at home when trotting out some clichés that you will later laugh at when someone multi-millionaire says on a BBC show – you FIND HIM FUNNY BECAUSE HE MAKES THE SAME JOKES AS YOU; HE IS VERY RICH ON THE BACK OF IT; COMEDIANS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNIER THAN YOU. If you’re watching television to watch someone make the jokes you make then you’re wasting some (all of your) time.

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