Sunday 17 March 2013

I already did the having a go at St Patrick’s Day thing last year.

This was going to be another line with a hyperlink to the 2011 blog slagging off St Patrick’s day. But it turns out I didn’t say anything – in this blog – negative about St Patrick’s Day/Irish people. What was that all about? Who do you think you are 2011-Phil? Some kind of Irish-liker?

Well I would like to answer that question with an answer. And the answer is this case is being this: no, the 2011 blog (not doing the hyperlink, search for it if you’re that unable to believe me) didn’t mention the Irish national saint’s day – I saw a film. So with the score tied at:

1-Anti-Irish 1-Ambivalent to the Irish

This could be an important blog when it comes to what the 17 March blogs say about me and how I feel about the Irish.

Irish things I like:

The band Ash (for me their career has been downhill from their debut effort 1977 but that was quite a big hill to go down and by this I mean that it was a very good album); Liam Neeson (Liam Neeson); Irish United players (Denis Irwin, Roy Keane, Paul McGrath), Roddy Doyle (books and the films of his books), The Commitments (film) (I know this is covered by the last one but I really like this film), George Best (again, covered by a previous entry but is a bit above Denis Irwin)….I’m not going to carry on doing this.

There are loads more (Dylan Moran, Dave Allen, Father Ted, The Guard, etc). I do get that the Irish aren’t all about guerilla war, leaving the curtains open for nazi bombers and acceptance of child molestation in the national church. The anti-Irish stuff is generally so tongue-in-cheek that it hurts. My real negativity with regards this day/Irishness has always been the people who go OTT on being Irish when they clearly aren’t. I am not saying that you have to have been born in Ireland to celebrate it. There are plenty of people I know whose Irish roots are clear – not just the gingers – and I don’t think there is any issue with them celebrating. But there are some others who are just bullshitting. And the people in either camp who feel the need to be anti-English can eff off.

For the sake of people wondering…yes, I am aware that listing Irish things I like is quite a childish way of proving that I like Ireland. That was intentional. Just as much as suggesting Irishness equates to bombs or snakes or potatoes. I am simultaneously deriding my own anti-Irish barbs and the pro-Irish propaganda that is equally as shallow and stereotype-heavy. I am fucking clever eh? Being really stupid as a way of showing how clever I am…how fucking enlightened.

The whole thing is just a marketing exercise for Guinness anyway. Cynicism is so easy a bedfellow, so adaptable – it is so easy to moan about stuff I’m surprised that isn’t what the internet is full of. Haha. I did another great joke.

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