Wednesday 13 March 2013

I wasn’t joking with the stuff I said about dead relatives…

on Mothering Sunday: I said it in a flippant way but I don’t really see the funny side of someone dying. I am not saying I have never made a joke concerning death but a human being dying is never really something I think I am laughing at. If I have said I wished someone was dead I probably mean I wish they were dead – rather than joking about it. I mean I may have joked about T-Dog dying in The Walking Dead but I’m pretty sure that’s a coping mechanism because I still must be numb with grief at his death, I feel nothing for the loss of his racial profile filling non-character.

This morning on Absolute – yeah that’s where my breakfast listening is, wanna make something of it? – Christian O’Connell’s phone-in was about people getting caught taking a sicky. One guy phoned in bragging about getting a week off from the army after lying about his (already dead) grandfather dying. It was lolz all around obviously. I mean what is not to laugh about someone making light of their grandfather dying?

If some fool (me) makes silly remarks about something that involves a dead then it’s misguided tomfoolery. As I’ve said numerous times I think you should be able to joke about anything given the right context. And with someone’s death that context has to be pretty fucking right. But at least it’s misguided tact-free humour (yes, I live in a mind-frame where I can write ‘at least’ before the rest of that sentence).

I’ll tell you what I don’t feel, though. I don’t feel it when people say things like that they want Margaret Thatcher dead and they say it fuelled by hatred for her. I don’t feel that hate. I’m far from a Thatcherite – pretty fucking far – but she didn’t run a fascist dictatorship, blame is an easy thing to pin on someone retrospectively. There’s a lot of people around the country who voted for her rhyming-with-milk-snatcher name. Wanting an old woman dead? Talking about street parties when she is gone? Seems a bit wrong to me. The same kind of wrong at having banter-based laughs on national radio about using a fictionalised second death of a grandfather to  get a week off work.

While we’re walking about right-wing leaders…

….it was great to see the Catholic church elect a new King. Tonight the world welcomed King Frank 1st of The Popeness.

The unveiling of a new Pope is still massive news, which shows that whatever people think of religion it, well Catholicism at least, still knows how to put on a show and attract the media glare (either that or there are still a lot of power that religion has in the media). That kind of thing is important to a religion, it’s one of the areas that Catholicism shares some common ground with Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Kanye West.

The social network Twitter was immediately full of quotes and links referencing Franny’s views on things like human rights and homosexuality. Well my Twitter feed was, as I follow lots of lefties in between all the football journalists (who are a mixed bag politically but I tend to ween out those expressing political views I don’t like). These were lots of intelligent people who felt the need to make a point that someone deemed worthy to personify the Catholic church would have view on gay marriage that would be out of place in a South Manchester Socialist Party meeting.

The Catholic church is opposed to all these things that we think are wrong. They are not going to elect Peter fucking Tatchell as Pope are they? The nearest they could have got to being really out there would been to have elected a black Pope. But that wasn’t really going to appeal to the millions of Catholics in South America (or Europe TBF). It was always going to be a man and man who thought gay people shouldn’t be allowed to be married or adopt children. Or whatever else he is against. Because the institution is against those things. And things generally don’t change at the top – they change from the people. Over to you, Catholics…

A Pope says Hi

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