Tuesday 05 March 2013

I have always liked my own company. I probably prefer the company of people I like. The list goes like this:

The company of people I prefer:

1. People I like
2. Me
3. People I don’t know
4. People I do know, but aren’t part of (1)
5. People I like but don’t like me and I do know why they don’t like me.
6. People I like but don’t like me and I don’t know why they don’t like me.

I used to spend a lot more time with (1), especially when watching sport. The list of things I like watching goes:

The Things I like watching:

1. Sport
2. American comedy series
3. British comedy series (this would be number one but the Americans have the advantage of having lots of episodes to immerse yourself in, you cant immerse yourself in British comedies as there aren’t enough episodes of anything good)
4. Films
5. American drama series
6. Drama series from Britain/Europe/Australia
7. Reality shows – typically but not limited to The Apprentice, but excluding talent shows, celebrities in jungle habitats, shows where the primary theme involves food and augmented reality shows (with the exception of Newcastle-based-sex show Geordie Shore)
8. Film trailers on YouTube/Apple Trailers
9.  Instructional videos on YouTube – mainly ones about folding clothes
10. Streamed pornography.

I’ll be honest, I wrote the above several days ago and I don’t know what point I was building towards. It almost certainly wasn’t this; it almost certainly wasn’t my memory being really poor; it will almost certainly come back to me in about four days when I am looking for a set of keys. It wasn’t meant to end like this, though.

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