Sunday 03 March 2013

In what people could call a depressing lack of creativity (to whit I could retort, “and what’s new?”) I thought I could look back at my previous entries for 3 Marchesss.

It is symptomatic of how poor this blog is that the two entries are depressingly dull. That 2/826ths of my past entries – or 1/413th if you are more comfortable with it being expressed that way.


What was happening in 2011? I was bitching about people at work not knowing what they were talking about in the main. I guess I don’t do that so much no more (watching Rocky while I am typing this – might explain that turn of phrase). This is more reflective of me not wanting to write about work too often rather than an indicator that people have stopped sounding like they don’t know what they are talking about. I am currently working with people who have been brought in to create a new website/ensure the content and look is good. The look and content are both shit one month ahead of the supposed launch. See – this is why I don’t want to write about it.

And, also in 2011, REM hadn’t even split up…it’s like a whole different era. I think by this time many people had already assumed they had split up. Similar amounts of people/the same people probably think they never disbanded. Still, Uberlin was a tune.


Some anti-Cameron posturing aside this is quite the turgid little look into the pathetic existence of a man gone wrong. Surely I should have something interesting to say on one of three consecutive March 3rds. And what have I got? Some shit about a flesh pile at work, a screen shot of an e-reader and this…reflections on how pointless my March 3rds are.

It’s a fucking good job that it only 3rd March on which I am not that interesting. Cue slow ripple of laughter. Fade to black.

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