Thursday 21 February 2013

Stephen Fry was at the preaching of atheism on Twitter today. To be fair the lad was hardly hammering it at Gervais levels but he did say a couple of things. A couple. Maybe three. Whatever Fry…get over it!

The source of these tweets from Fry came on the back of  a cartoon about how stupid religion is being tweeted by Fry. Unless I missed the provocation. Or unless Fry is schizophrenic and a deeply religious person and an atheist are battling away inside. (This isn’t a reference to any issues Fry has had in the past – it’s just a joke about him being provoked by nothing).

I’ve asked it once and I will ask it again: when are atheists going to stop mithering me about not believing in Gods? I don’t believe in them, get over me agreeing with you. The other people, the people who don’t not believe in Gods, they believe in Gods so are also probably not interested. Or are agnostic and don’t even believe in not believing (actually I am this one really, sorry for lying earlier about being an atheist: you should be used to people lying to you what with all the religious types etc).

I’ve also said this before: it is people who have fucked everything up and, admittedly, created religion in the first place. If over the next thousand years people start killing each other over differences in interpreting Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books is Stephenie Meyer to blame? Actually yes she is isn’t she? No, of course not. And it is allegories as powerful as this that make this blog the raging success that it is today.

That second tweet. Why? There is something ironic about having a moral superiority over religion. Of course some elements of religion should be mocked – everything should be mocked. But the constant belittling of belief and faith that doesn’t cause harm seems incongruous to the behaviour of people who seem utterly lovely, like Ste-Fry.

There are these elements of  the logic of lots of people where it’s alright to be a bit/a lot of a cock to some people because some people, maybe not even the same some people, have been cocks to them in the past. Like it’s OK for a woman to be a awful about transsexuals because society has been shit to women? Surely it’s better not to belittle and subjugate a group if you’re aware of how fucking horrible it is to be subjugated.

Fucking hell. I don’t half go on about people going on about stuff.

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