Tuesday 19 February 2013


After months of delays and missed deadlines we went live with a new telephony system at work today. Essentially the system adds some steps to answering a phone – making some aspects of answering a phone call slightly more difficult.

For example people now have to be logged into a web browser to be able to take a phone call. Meaning the first ten minutes they are at their desk they cannot answer a call. Thats like 200 days a year, 2ooo minutes…or one-and-a-third days. Efficiency.

What has never failed to amaze me over the years is that the phones at work have never been as good as my mobile phone. Even when my mobile phone wasn’t very good.

As I say the new system essentially makes the business of answering a phone call slightly more difficult. Not that much more complicated that anyone will die of illnesses related to having to adapt to a perceptibly only slightly more complicated way of answering the phone. But more complicated none-the-less.

It’s the if it aint broked don’t not fix it mentality that I love in a workplace. Hopefully soon there will be something in place to attach a small sack of rocks to my pen to help me write.


WordPress is normally very good at blocking spam for you. It hardly takes a complicated algorithm to work out what is spam on my entries. If there is a comment on a blog then it is spam. All the comments are normally, therefore, in a junk folder.

However this one got through last Wednesday. You have to wonder how unsophisticated the ones getting stopped are when this gets through. The post is from something called ‘this is a test message’. And the content reads:

I much like the beneficial information you produce in your own articles.I will bookmark your web site and check out again listed here frequently.I’m quite positive I will understand lots of latest things perfect listed here! Superior luck with the subsequent!

I am no spam filter. I have never tried to be. God love the spam filters.  But how is this not picked up by a spam filter? I do fucking love the language of spam, though. “Superior luck with the subsequent” is amazing. I think I might change the signature on my work emails to read superior luck with the subsequent.

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