Monday 18 February 2013

Speaking about childhood, and indeed human, obesity issue on Radio 5 Live the Conservative Health Minister said there was no “silver bullet” for the issue. Obesity, like its sufferers,  is not something easily tossed aside as a health issue but a werewolf? Metaphors are often very vague at best. And statements by politicians will often be purposefully suffocated in figurative language so what they are actually saying – often nothing – will be hidden away, but obesity as a werewolf?

Then they read out a letter from someone calling herself Stacy in Aberdeen:

“I recently received a letter telling me my five-year-old daughter is obese. The nurse came to see me to apologise but said there was nothing she could do about it. My daughter doesn’t eat sweets, has never drunk a fizzy drink and the most unhealthy part of her diet is her school dinner. She swims twice a week, dances for two hours after school, attends performing arts school once a week and mucks out her pony every day. At school she does half-an-hour of exercise a week. Stop parent-bashing and think about what support there is in schools for a healthy lifestyles in schools.”

Bullshit. NEVER had a fizzy drink? “Well she might have had one or two over the years,” (she might retort) well DON’T FUCKING SAY NEVER then – you fucking liar.

There is no way a child doing all thing activity and consuming no sweets or sugary drinks is obese. Unless it is; being dramatically overfed with ‘normal’ foods, suffering from a medical condition, or the nurse is incompetent. And if either of these are the case then the mother is clearly repsonsible on some level from not spotting it and thinking the solution is emailing Radio 5 Live.

The NURSE CAME TO SEE HER? What? The school has a nurse and the nurse comes to see the parents of obese children to apologise? Almost nothing about this adds up. Half-an-hour of exercise at the school? No breaks or lunchtimes then?

Dancing for two hours? That is a lot of dancing for Michael Flatley let alone a (fat) five-year-old.

I love the parents who criticise other people for their children being fat – or cunts. Or indeed, fat cunts. Stop blaming everyone fucking else. Yes, a school should encourage children to live and eat well but YOU’RE HER MOTHER. Coke is a fizzy drink and bars of chocolate are sweets – you clearly don’t know this and assume your daughter is fine tucking in. Well she’s not fucking fine – she’s obese. The other kids at her school run around her for something to do.

Solve the problem yourself Stacy and stop trying to blame schools for your daughter being used to secure ships in docks in high winds. Buying her a pony hasn’t solved your problem has it? Is she really “mucking the pony out” or has she eaten the fucking pony? Stop forcing school nurses to visit you rather than going to visit them – or is the walk too much for you? I think we are getting to the route of the problem here: this woman has made up a child and emailed a radio station about it. The child is her. The activities are ficticious or lies or things she watches other people do on television (while eating stray cats).

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