Sunday 17 February 2013

Plot idea for a film:

Philip had been in a bit of a slump recently. His partner asked him why he hadn’t done any sanding with an industrial sander recently. “I don’t know if I can anymore. I don’t know if I’ve got it in me,” he said. They weren’t just words said with his mouth, they were truths abducted by truth-abusers and buried in a shallow grave. The words were so true they would overshadow any facts that would contradict what those few doubt-laden words that had 9/11’ed into the twin towers of Phil’s self-esteem.

“Come on you bum, you got more heart than any sander I’ve ever met,” Micky screamed at Phil. He screamed it in Phil’s memory: Phil was remembering it, it’s a flashback. But his sanding mentor, Mickey fromΒ Rocky wasn’t here to help Phil out of his rut. Why did everyone leave Phil? A dead fictional character who had never been around him for starters. And where had his partner gone who seemed so concerned just moments ago? Oh…she was over there.

What was stopping him from getting back on the sander? It was time to tackle the blackout in the only way he knew: he made something up…it was a summer’s day: Christmas Eve 2009. As usual he would be sanding the floorboards on the New York loft apartment he shared with Β the actress who played Kim Bauer inΒ 24. They had both been looking forward to Christmas – a TV channel was showing a film they both liked on Boxing Day. Anyway, that never happened: she was killed by someone horrible and it somehow involved a situation which made Phil feel guilty about sanding. At last, he had remembered what was stopping him getting on the sander.

It did seem like an overreaction so when he got an SMS text message asking if he wanted to help his friend sanding his stairs at his new house…he did the only thing he could: he replied that yes, yes he could he come and help with some sanding.

Something happened at the end of this that didn’t necessarily need resolving but could be a move into a sequel.

'After' photographs are much more impressive when you have a before.

‘After’ photographs are much more impressive when you have a ‘before’

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