Saturday 16 February 2013

While not denying that a candidate standing for election should probably be rubbished for coming out with such nonsense isn’t the real question why isn’t anyone rubbishing her for raising a child that has decided by THE AGE OF 12 that he wants to be a CARDIO-RESPIRATORY SURGEON. I wonder when he went more specific that just surgeon. Maybe he did start that specific, “I was at a party and my mother’s friend was talking about her work as a cardio-respiratory surgeon and it hit me like a thunderbolt: as soon as I finished reading Harry Potter I would learn how to become a cardio-respiratory surgeon.”

What is it with people who talk about gifted people needing even more privileged surroundings to excel? If her son is so fucking clever then he should be able to get whatever exam results he needs to get into Cardio-Respiratory Surgeon School from any school he attends.

Happily for the narrative of the story the Labour candidate has almost exactly the opposite opinion of the selfish, self-serving Conservative candidate.

Will she admit she is wrong should she get the chance? What if she has said the film Looper wasn’t very good and said so publicly – but then watched it again in a more agreeable mood and realised she had thought it was pretty good after all (still not amazing like some people had made out but, still, better than her previous opinion)? And what if the Labour candidate had said he definitely thought it was good, but not totally amazing, on the day it came out.

Fortunately I am not locked in an electoral race with someone who I have to differentiate myself from  almost diametrically on every facet of human existence  – so that people choosing between us don’t get confused. So I can say that Looper isn’t as bad as I thought it was but it isn’t all that either: it just has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it – so it seems 15% better.

And I don’t have to worry about my morals being questioned by partisan – or impartial – local press coverage so I can also say that I got around to watching Young Adult and I really enjoyed it. So there.

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