Friday 08 February 2013

It’s amazing how caught up one can become  in just being annoyed. In the moment it seems like I am annoyed at something. In truth it gives my annoyance too much credence to suggest it has real direction.

Today I was just a pile of annoyed. I tried to be annoyed at people just being ridiculously fucking bland on social networks and people loving it just because there is a child annoyed. Clearly what really annoys me is that no-one acknowledges what I say or do and the crushing realisation that this is because I am neither interesting nor funny. But I am wrong. People are decidedly dull on social networks, and people ‘liking’ really dull statements on Facebook are not helping anything.

It is generally to do with children. There are some people who barely mention their children and I am very shocked at these people. Then I remember it’s because I have hidden them from my timeline (what is important? “Display only important updates” – my partner has just asked me how Facebook determines what is important, so she will think this has something to do with her, but it isn’t: I was wondering this anyway).

Some people have to share every moment of their children’s existence on Facebook. People have no perspective when it comes to their children. And I can completely get that. You suddenly have something that you made and it’s the best thing ever. But just wind it the fuck in with the pictures you boring fuck. Of course the 40 people who like all 96 pictures of little Karl Heinz on a swing disagree with me and therefore make me the fucking sour fucking bastard. Really, though, when you see the same people like everything someone posts about a child within minutes of it going on there you start to wonder if it really means something. Like when someone tells you they love you too much and you kind of wish they would fuck off and love someone who gives a fuck.

I did think about just starting to write about a child as though I had had a child and see how banal I could be and see that people would still react as though I was Kant – rather than someone just pointing out the first stumbling of a human being into language can often produce incongruence to sense statements. [“Clepth has just made me lol, I just asked him if he wanted to try daddy’s cup of tea and he asked if I wanted to Kurt Cobain myself through the back of my fucking skull. Double-olz,”]

Then there are the people who do it quite a lot but are quite funny and interesting with what they choose. These are mainly OK with me but still, sometimes, I kind of wish they would give it a rest a little bit. You have to put that down to your mood (as the viewer), though. The idea that maybe someone whose output you like could maybe just be a bit annoyingly dull every now and again couldn’t be right could it? No, it must be my fault. Stupid me.

And there are the people who get it just right. And that’s kind of a lot of people, really. Maybe even most people.

And where does this all come from? From being bored and having too much time to think and be judgemental. There’s nothing wrong with anything anyone does in the sphere of being happy they have reproduced is there? I am clearly just being disingenuous because I don’t understand….see I am being disingenuous there. I am so clever. I get it: You can understand without empathising.

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