Tuesday 29 January 2013

Brief Comment on BBC output

I’m not entirely happy my license fee funds stuff like this.

Swear Jar

It maybe doesn’t say a lot about me that some of people I manage set up a swear jar because of my language in the office. Not sure that’s the way around that the people managing thing is supposed to work.

The thing is that I haven’t really ended up paying a lot of money into it. In fact the two women who were so put out by me swearing have probably paid out more than me. The reasons for this are:

  • We didn’t really make any rules before the jar started – we didn’t say what counted as a swear, which resulted in us ending up classing everything as a swear.
  • I have some self-control. I choose to swear a lot. I like swearing. I specifically like swearing when I am not supposed to and/or using words people don’t like. Saying ‘cunt’ in an open plan office generally meets both these criteria.
  • I am quite competitive.
  • I am quite attentive.
  • People kind of don’t listen to what I say that much.

Each of the above points, or indeed more than one interacting, are why I’ve so far beaten this so called swear jar. The first point was kind of crucial. Certainly combined with the second point made it all plain sailing. The jar came about because I say cunt and twat. I can easily stop that. I made the jar about all cusses and now some women are being fleeced for saying ‘bugger’ occasionally.

And they fought for the words like bugger to be included. I said they shouldn’t be classed as swears as I would say something like “you little bugger” to a small child.

I don’t feel I can really be smug about the fact that I have total control over swearing in an open-plan office and choose to do it often and loudly.

Oddly this is characteristic of a recent spate of temperance. I have barely smoked this month. I have drank once in 2013 and I didn’t drink a lot. I am not really noticing any upside to all of this. I don’t really feel any better mentally. Physically speaking I certainly don’t feel worse – but I did a run tonight and it took me slightly longer than it usually does. Is all of this health stuff really just nonsense? No, of course it isn’t.

The Greggs Near Work

It got chairs outside and a table and chairs inside. It’s not even in a shopping centre. This truly is the death of the working class.


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