Monday 28 January 2013

I am thinking of setting myself up as a contractor for setting up new websites for companies. It seems I could definitely earn more money by being one of these. The magic thing is that it requires no training – or no apparent training at any rate.

All I would need to be able to do is receive emails from people asking questions like “can we still not load images?” and send them to someone else who will tell me that no, you can still not load images onto a website. Then I would need to send the original person back that response and hope they didn’t reply, “well that wont be an issue as long as people don’t want to look at the website on anything more sophisticated than a Nokia 6230.”

That seems to be all I would have to do – relay emails between other people who know what they are doing. It seems a better option than emailing someone being paid more money than I am while they forward emails onto someone else, to forward their reply to me – while I think about saying something about how the website will look OK as long as it’s viewed on a Nokia 6230.

Definitely need to become a fucktarded bigshot who earns quite a lot of money by doing shitbaps. In order to make myself seem more like a big shot I wrote a big list on a whiteboard in the middle of the office and ticked stuff off throughout the day. Tomorrow I am going to pay no attention in a meeting and do emails on an iPad while people are trying to tell me things they care about.


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