Saturday 26 January 2013

I blame myself really. When I phoned UPS on Thursday and the guy on the phone said, “It should be there on Saturday,” and I said, “Is there a chance that it couldn’t be there then?” and he said, “No, it’s here – it should be fine, I’ll just need to take your number.” And I said, “So, someone will call me if there is any problem?” (after giving my number) and he said, “No, there is problem. It’s here now, it should all be fine.”


Now, even though I was clearly annoyed that they said the parcel was locked up and wasn’t there to be picked up, I do have to cede that he could say, “I only said should be there” if I allowed him to speak before baseball batted his little toe (lightly – I am not an animal).

I am going to see if I can get away saying I should be able to do stuff and then just not do it.

I pretty much hate all the specialist delivery companies. I’d be happy if everyone just used Royal Mail. Apart from anything else when they can’t deliver a parcel I can walk to pick it up in ten minutes, though I mainly do get a lift even over that short distance, whereas missing anyone else means getting my partner to drive to Trafford Park – or in the case of UPS, Eccles. They can all just fuck off.

I tried not to be rude to the woman at UPS as she explained that the parcel was not available. I had had to summon her by using a phone in reception…there was no-one at reception, just a phone with a list of numbers to try, in order to get hold of someone. So, as well as not having my parcel that SHOULD have been there I also had a brief unpaid stint doing admin for the company that I did not yet know had let me down. What was a bit (lot) annoying was her implication that the parcel was in the building, just not in the place where parcels for collection would be left. I had to assume this place was behind a locked door, for all I know it could have been left just centimetres outside a painted zone for ‘Parcels for Collection’ and she was just a stickler for the rules. Mainly, though, I realised I could only be angry for the jerk (yeah: went there) who had misinformed me on the phone.

If that wasn’t bad enough we were in Eccles. It made sense to nip to the shops there as we needed a few things.  The shopping precinct reminded very much of being young. And that is because I was young in about 1983. To be fair that was just the shops and their fronts – some of the clothing dated as recently as 1992/93.

Picture of The Day

I know it seems like UPS are getting a bad press today but they are a shower of bastards.

This is the sign that was in their unmanned reception. I still don’t really understand what they are asking for ID-wise. It seems a bit contradictory. Especially if by contradictory you understand that I mean bollocks. Are the forms of proof of address officially recognised forms of ID?


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