Friday 25 January 2013

I’m not used to going to see a band play instruments to a room of people wanting to be mainly happy. Tonight I went to see Two Door Cinema Club. The people were there very young and there to be excited and happy. Not aloof. Not cool – certainly not in the sense of cool one associates with the swinging nineties. Not indifferent. But absolutely barmy for the people they had paid to see. And they weren’t even drunk. Well they weren’t drinking, they might have shared a bottle of vodka on their way to The Apollo.

We got there unfashionably early for TDCC. Who watches the support band? Everyone it turns out. I don’t know if you’ve been to The Apollo in Manchester but there are always people in the foyer and the bar upstairs. Even when the main band is on there is a residual amount of people who seem to pay £30 to go in and drink not-very-nice. We were there half-an-hour before the main act and there was no-one in the foyer or in the bar. The snow isn’t that bad, I thought (with my head). And indeed the inclement weather was not severe enough to keep people away. They were all inside FOR THE SUPPORT. Going fucking mental. There was screaming – like there is on old footage of The Beatles. This is my field of reference for girls screaming at a music act while they are performing as I don’t really recall seeing footage of it happening to any other band. And, yes, this does say more about what I have seen than the attitude to pop bands performing live since the mid-1960s.

To be fair the couple of songs I heard by Bastille were quite good. This one has over a million views on YouTube so it’s fair to say they are quite well known – unlike the bands who support some of the not very well known guitar bands I have seen down the years. They did their job: lots of young people went mental for them and a sad 34-year-old man bought one of their songs from iTunes when he got home.

Even though I had been impressed by the support and I was quietly impressed with Two Door Cinema Club the best thing about the night was the DJ (songs) between the support and the main act. Artful Dodger ft Craig David, N-Trance, Beastie Boys, R Kelly, Nelly and The Bomfunk MCs came one after each other.

I’ll say one thing for TDCC, they’ve got enough songs to fill out a set even at the album two stage. I don’t remember a bit where I was regretting being there. I almost always have a bit at a gig where I regret being there and wonder why I always end up at gigs just to end up wishing I wasn’t there.

I was disengaged enough to film a bit of Undercover Martyn. Here it is:

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