Thursday 24 January 2013

Snow Joke

Did you see the documentary abot 1963’s big freeze shown as part of Winterwatch? It was bloody brilliant. It was proper snow making the country have real problems. Rather than people not wanting to just be a bit careful and thus citing health and safety as a reason not to go to work.

The best bit for me was when they said “All the same it wasn’t universal misery these three stallions had a high old time” and there was some footage of four horses being good lads having a laugh in a field.

Hazard Lights

I must be blinded by the ambivalence I feel to Chelsea FC. This is the only reason I can suggest for me thinking a footballer kicking a ball boy is bit of a bad thing. Today saw a sea of articles mitigating or defending the actions of Eden Hazard who kicked out at a Swansea ballboy at a game last night. Apparently the fact that the boy in question was 17 (and not 10?) and maybe wasting time mean that Hazard has been punished enough by being sent off in the game. Some even said that red card should be rescinded. What?

He kicked at someone on the ground. All can have only been aware that he was a ballboy, pretty sure he hadn’t checked how old the ballboy was. Some people have also raised that, based on his Twitter account, the boy seems a bit of ‘a lad’. Irrelevant. And if he was wasting time then it’s fuck all to do with Hazard in terms of law enforcement. Eden Hazard set himself  up as  a kind of football Judge Dredd: judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. (If you don’t understand the Judge Dredd reference then use this sentence instead: Eden Hazard set himself up as a one-man kangaroo court, kangaroo jury and kangaroo executioner all rolled into one¹.)

So this 17-year-old is a dick. Aren’t all 17-year-olds dicks? If lying on top of a ball means it is OK for a professional kicker to kick you then I clearly missed a meeting.

I’m practically 180-ing on my view that too much of a fuss is made of the behaviour of footballers. And a little bit of it is because if it had been Wayne Rooney the discussion would be about whether or not the death penalty was appropriate. Apparently – apparent to commenters on Twitter – saying ‘it would be different if it was Rooney/Suarez/Balotelli’ is a trite thing to say. But it would be.

¹You can see why I didn’t just go with this sentence originally, the iffy finish on kangaroo executioner makes it sound like I am referring to someone who slaughters hopping marsupials.

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