Monday 21 January 2013

I never like to assume that someone is lying. I often assume people are lying when they talk about dreams. I try to curb this judgemental tendency. I think it is born out of me not having dreams that interesting in any way – if I remember them at all.

There is someone on Twitter who I have no real reason to believe would invent dreams to impress people. Today they tweeted that they dreamt that only state sanctioned dreams were allowed and that the government controlled dream states. Having a dream of concepts is so foreign to me that my instinct is to dismiss this as someone trying to appear interesting. The fault here is my ability to perceive that other people do something which I could not do. I, after all, accept that some people are happy with just one bag.

Maybe I am jealous that my subconscious is even lazier than my conscious and doesn’t even bother creating a dream when I am asleep. I should maybe accept that my waking mind thinks about stuff so mental that when I asleep my brain is just resting on the old creative front. I might try not to think anything odd or weird for a few days and see if I have an interesting dream.

Alternatively I could just let it go that some people have interesting dreams. Or at least dreams with a concept that might be interesting to some people – or at worst sound like the vague storyline of a graphic novel (and later a disappointing science fiction film from a director following up a surprise hit film with their [relatively] low budget debut).

Another thing I dismiss is that bit in the episode of the American sitcoms where someone has too much coffee/a child has coffee and starts acting like they are a junky, is this real? I have never (proper use of never – I don’t mean like ‘only once every couple of months’) acted any differently from having a lot of coffee. I have been mainlining Coke since I was a child and so probably have quite a high tolerance; though when I have spells trying to get clean I never really get any withdrawals or anything (sounds like the lady doth protest too much to me: ADDICT).

I could perhaps stop being so dismissive but I haven’t really got the patience with this being a good idea to mull it over.

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