Sunday 20 January 2013


I’m terrible at reading in 2013, continuing the trend of the tweenties.  That said I am almost all the way through an actual book, not a computerised version of a book – an actual book made of paper. Unsurprisingly it is not a work of fiction. Disgusting Bliss: The Brass Eye of Chris Morris is essentially a biography of Chris Morris, the agent provocateur of British comedy¹.   I have certainly found it an interesting enough read in the sense of it is all about someone very interesting. However, though there is original interviews with many people who know him well, there isn’t much revealed that I didn’t really know: he is a genius, very aggressive in pursuing his vision and a lovely and discrete private citizen.

There is some fiction in my life. But I haven’t read Anno Dracula – Dracula Cha Cha Cha since before Christmas. I left it halfway through another vampite based mystery in 1960s Rome. Bond was in it. A vampire Bond. And I haven’t read it for about five weeks.

I have picked up David Mitchell’s David Mitchell: Back Story in the last few days after being cruelly cast aside for a couple of weeks. It is the perfect example of me stopping reading something that I am really enjoying after devouring a sizeable chunk in a couple of days.

But, as I said, I am back on board even though I have just read a bit where he alludes to his marriage to the most lovely woman in the universe. I know that he is going to directly refer to her and their relationship later and that’s something I have come to terms with. But there was just a bit where he said he was reliably informed some people can make a living out of playing poker when he was talking about playing card games as a child. OK, David- I get it.

However, it is easy to forgive DM when he writes things like this:

“This is a world where people no longer indicate their enthusiasm for a TV series, actor, celebrity, band or snack bar by saying ‘Oh, I love it’ but with ‘I’m loving it’ – you know ‘I’m loving this season of Strictly’, ‘I’m loving Heston’s mini fish burgers’, ‘We’re loving Alan Carr’s new glasses’. That’s the fickle present continuous. There’s a silent ‘at the moment’ after it which there isn’t with ‘I love’. These consumers are just passing through, waiting to get their head turned by something sparkly which, once tarnished by their gaze, they’ll turn away from. They like what’s cool because it’s cool and for no other reason, and I hate them for it”

Mitchell, D (2012) David Mitchell – Back Story, HarperCollins

Because I like things where the pervading message is that people are cretins.

I have managed to read all of a book of poetry. It’s Tim Key, though, so it’s mainly just funny as fudge rather than things about dead old mariners or coy mistresses. I heart Tim Key. I do need him to do something new as I’ve read all the bally lot of books he has done thus far.

¹It’s quite hard to think up a friendly soundbite to describe Morris, part of his appeal is that he isn’t easily quantifiable.

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