Saturday 19 January 2013

Occasionally my weekends display an intolerance to doing things so severe that if there were a cult where doing things was completely outlawed people would think I were a member – until I went back to work after the weekend. “Oh no, he’s not a member of that doing nothing cult,” they’d say, “he’s doing something now: he must just be really lazy when it suits.”

Events conspire, though, they conspire against me. Today was meant to involve doing some work from home but I couldn’t access the secure link-up to my work’s computers. So, that was the end of that. I had thrown myself into it as well. It was practically stepping out of bed and into my ‘working at home’ head. Only six hours had passed between me getting out of bed and me turning on my (work) laptop(I had,of course, switched my personal laptop on the second I walked into the living room). I was that keen to jump into my work that I only had a bath and a shower before trying to log onto the system.

I know what you are thinking reading this: you are going to work yourself into an early grave with behaviour like this. And you’re right and this occurred to me too. So, after three, maybe four attempts at logging in I switched the (work) laptop off. Yes, I could have done most of the work without accessing the server and completed it back in the office. But wouldn’t that have been the easy way out? In a way me doing the work would have been excusing the IT department of their (possible) misdemeanours. Isn’t it better that I highlight the problems by making a fuss out of how desperate I was to do the work but couldn’t because of the system? Me avoiding burn out is a happy by-product.

Any dark cloud the events might have cast over my evening were evaporated by the positive energy of a man’s social networking. A lad I used to go to school with was off on a night out with his girlfriend. Karaoke time lol xxx was how he started. The lols and xs have definitely crossed the divide from the end of SMS messages to Facebook stati, losing any meaning they had left in the process – like the exclamation marks that now hover around the end of sentences of everyone in emails meaning nothing.

He wasn’t finished laughing out loud yet though. Next up was a blurred picture of him and (two-thirds) of his partner, clearly karaoke was out of the window as the caption was just lol Xxxx now. I knew I was right about karaoke – its absence had removed none of the lols and increased the love, evidenced by the extra kiss now evidenced. Within minutes there was more fun as he announced, Off for a keema and garlic bread with cheese lol xx, which suggested that a keema and garlic bread with cheese produced only half as much love as NOT doing karaoke – but were just as funny as it being karaoke time or taking a picture of yourself.

Some sense of morals was restored to the universe to the person selling some tickets to a Two Door Cinema Club gig on eBay whose information said that there was no ‘Buy It Now’ option as they ‘didn’t think it was fair to end an auction early.’ It really lifted my spirits to know that someone auctioning their unwanted tickets was thinking of being fair to anyone interested. Of course, that this would mean there was no upper-limit to what the eventual purchase would cost is just a co-incidence.

lol xxxx

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