Friday 18 January 2013

I probably spend too much of my life wondering why people don’t think I am funny. Well I spend some time thinking about it: this is too much time. I definitely spend too much time trying to comprehend why people find some things funny in which I really cannot see any humour.

Sometimes I will be wrong. Or more accurately I will prejudge something without giving it a proper chance (how about all those extra words adding no real extra meaning when I had already perfectly defined the action with ‘prejudging’?) And when I am wrong I am prepared to admit it. I disliked The Big Bang Theory for the last couple of years without giving it a proper chance. It was mainly based on seeing a few bits of it where the performance of JohnnyGalecki as Leonard grated on me. However, I gave it a watch and realised that it was decent enough as far as shows going for broad laughs goes. Galecki’s voice still annoys me, as far as I am aware no-one actually talks like that other than ridiculously OTT nerds in American TV and film, but it annoys me less now I have warmed to the show.

Mainly I am right though: people are just fucking idiots.

A woman at work today’s joke was basically that people would be able to spend their unused HMV vouchers at Tesco on burgers as they were Horse Meat Vouchers. Hahahahahaha! Do you get it? There is a way two completely unconnected stories in the week’s news can be connected thanks to the coincidence of the letters some of the words in one of the stories begin with. Brilliant. I imagine over three hundred people have laughed out loud at that joke when they have read/heard it in the last couple of days – and as many as 4,000 people have used the internet phrase ‘lol’ in response to the ‘joke’ without actually laughing out loud as well.

She actually framed it as though she hadn’t heard it somewhere else and had actually wondered if Tesco would accept HMV vouchers for burgers. She definitely hadn’t thought that. Someone had sent her a text message with the joke one it. Apart from it not even being remotely funny, no-one would have the thought. Tesco would not accept vouchers from a high street trader where there was no pre-existing arrangement with voucher validity. “No, I’m sorry: these for the music shop, HMV. This is a Tesco, it’s not valid here.”

And this woman lied about thinking this – yet Lance Armstrong gets vilified for lying.

But me, with my thoughts and opinions that are definitely more interesting, original and funny than this (I have definitely written two decent blogs this week and the only recognition  I have got is homeless people sleeping on them when the snow came down) in the last few days. No-one thinks I am funny or interesting, though. And they certainly don’t like me. What is that all about?

I do think about the pointlessness of my life sometimes. Other times I think about how nice melted chocolate tastes. Or what it would feel like to have a bath in tomato soup. Let’s make it clear I don’t sit around constantly wondering if I may as well be dead, just sometimes. A great deal of time I am trying to remember something I thought was interesting the day before.

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