Wednesday 09 January 2013

What has my workspace become?

The first image below is my current workspace. It’s hardly the hub of a pre-spirits, work-obsessed Scrooge. But it’s a bit worky, especially compared to my former workspace, see second picture and more of that later).

What stands out to me from my current workspace? [1] Headset. We are supposed to wear these while we are on the phone as we have to log calls. Supposedly there is something about me and my team not being able to hold a regular phone handset and type – but other people who are also supposed to log calls not having to do this. Yes, we receive more phone calls, but it’s still inconsistent.

[2] Screen. I can no figure out at what level this is supposed to be. I have read my eyes should be at the level of the top of the screen or that my eyes should be level with the middle of the screen. And I read both things on the internet so how can either of them be wrong? I also don’t know how my chair should be set up or how I should sit on it. This seems more apt at the moment as my posture if giving me all sort of problems. One of the more authoritative suggestions was that the angle between the seat and the sitters back should be 135 degrees. For those who are not good at visualising angles: that is half way between completely upright and lying down.

[3] I got very excited about this pencil sharpener when I found out I could get it on the work’s acquisition system. But I have a lot of pencils and also several mechanical pencils so I don’t really get to use it that often (which one might read as ‘so I never needed it at all.’)

[4] This is a small foam armchair with the Question of Sport logo on it. When I got it I was still a fan of the sports quiz show.  Not as big a fan as I was when I was young, admittedly. But now I fucking hate it. Other then decoration it serves no real purpose: my phone doesn’t fit in it properly. So it’s an ornament to something I despise a little bit.

[5] The whole desk appraisal thing started this morning when I needed to do something else.This is generally when the need to do ANYTHING that is not the thing that needs going begins. So, I swapped my phone and laptop hub around. And didn’t like it so put them back. Except I put the laptop hub a bit further away than it used to be. This blog is fascinating at times. But no there is a point of interest..there are loads of wires so that is a wire tidy I made myself (it’s bubble-wrap wrapped around the wires held in place with the thick adhesive tape you can see on the far left of the image.

[6] It’s a McDonalds coffee loyalty card. It has one stamp on it. I tend to have a few floating about my existence with one stamp at any one time.

And there are a lot Post-It notes. With work notes on them.

Photo 09-01-2013 14 15 06

But I didn’t used to have many Post-It notes. Look at how plain my space was by my old desk. Admittedly it’s probably a little bit completely un-worky. It was a nicer view.

What did I used to look at?

[1] A panoramic shot of Chicago in a thunderstorm; [2] Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevera looking pretty fucking cool; [3] Soldier Field, Chicago (postcard – not the actual stadium, that is much bigger and in Chicago); [4] (Behind the glare) Alfred Einstein; [5] Niece; [6] Jenny Agutter (admittedly looking a bit schoolgirl-y next to a picture of my teenage niece); [7] Beatles Rubber Soul postcard; [8] Beatles Yellow Submarine postcard; [9] Wrigley Field, Chicago (the actual stadium – there is a much larger postcard of it next to a desk in Chicago); [10] I can’t remember what this is off the top of my head; [11] (The front of) A humorous card where the joke is that I don’t like people.

To be fair a lot of these have survived, they are just covered up with Post-It notes saying things like ‘Complete task by prescribed date’.


I’m sorry this wasn’t very interesting. I didn’t have much to write about today. And – if I am being honest – it’s a little hard to write interesting things when the statistics I am privy to show that about four people a day are reading this at the moment. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me but I really liked the one about the EDL guy. I thought “hmmm it’s not too long like most of the ones I do and it is quite funny and clever.”

As previously stated I am aware that there cannot be a correlation between the standard of a specific entry and how many people read it: how can they know it is shit unless that have read it? Ultimately the fact that it is generally of a poor quality must be what is being reflected when people stop reading it. And that can make someone feel quite inferior. Though apparently not inferior enough to fucking bang on about it.

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