Tuesday 08 January 2013

Clickety Click

It’s pretty good to wake up and find out there is a new David Bowie song. The Thin White Duke celebrated his 66th birthday by putting this song on the internet – ahead of an album in the next couple of months. Brilliant.

Not entirely un-Bowie-y it was quite Berlinesque so had a bit of that wooooooo-I’ve-Just-Been-There kind of feel to it (for me).

It’s been over a decade since his last new album. That’s quite a long time, a sixth of his life. Given that the first sixth, and more, of his life was spent also not recording music that means he has spent a third of his life not recording music. David Bowie has spent a third of his life not making music. Quality not quantity I suppose. I doubt it was a coincidence that he released it on his birthday, he probably waited on it a little while. Even so it is impressive that he hasn’t rushed his art and just waited for something he felt was good enough to share with the world. Oh dear, I just had a very depressing moment of self-awareness.

Wiccan Piers

I think most people have seen the below video by now but if you haven’t, knock yourself out. There are a number of reasons it is entertaining. One is that the American pro-gun lobbyist Alex Jones is fucking mental – and isn’t afraid to let himself go. Two is that you get to see two people – including Piers Morgan – in a debate where Piers Morgan is the rational one. I know.

That’s how insane America is: Piers Morgan is the voice of reason, labelled a wishy-washy liberal.

This Alex Jones character responds to Morgan asking him about gun death statistics by saying that it is typical of people trying to win an argument by referring to ‘factoids’. I love people using facts as a derogatory thing, something petty people use to win a debate. Jones does go even further in his attempt to frame Morgan as someone asking irrelevant questions when he counteracts one of Morgan’s questions with the retort “How many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin?”

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. No, wait, it is funny.

Jones spends the last minute or so imitating Morgan’s English accent. Always a sure sign that someone has won a debate: they begin to mimic the voice of the other person who are trying to engage in debate. Then again if he was hoping to get a sensible answer to the question, why would an American citizen need to own a semi-automatic gun? (Apparently it had something to do with protection against the government, the very people not repealing the gun laws. Mental.)

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