Friday 04 January 2013

Ripper Street

Did you see the trailer for Ripper Street? I got quite excited about it. Victorian? Check. Seems to be referencing the Jack The Ripper mythology? Check. Jerome Flynn from Robson and Jerome in his new tough bastard persona? Check.

Having finally got around to seeing the first episode I can confidently say that I am not sure if it is going to be any good or not. It was slightly OK but also a bit stupid, and not necessarily in a good way (like Prisoner Cell Block H).

It started off all like there was something Jack The Ripper-y about it. But then that quickly got established as a red herring – but within the story so you almost forgave it, unless you were really hoping Jack T Ripz was going to be in it. Then you probably harboured a bit of anger towards it. It wasn’t like they didn’t play on it in the first few minutes, “She’s ripped!”, “The Ripper is back”, “He’s ripped her good”, “Rip me a cup of tea and then rip to the shop for some biscuits” etc.

And Jerome from Robson and Jerome looked a bit too thin – maybe being awesome in Game of Thrones has made him look too thin. Or he lost weight. Got to be one or the other.

But I stayed with it. Matthew Macfayden is the main one in it. Sometimes I’m not sure he has a soul.  But I am very jealous of him because of his wife so maybe mine opinion is nots judgeworthyable.

On the other hand it did look very good and the performances weren’t that bad. And the period detail seemed very well researched: I didn’t notice any iPhones. And while the main storyline culminated in something that was not as ridiculous as someone having an iPhone it was a little bit silly. SPOILER ALERT: there was a man making snuff films. In 1889.  And they were pretty good quality. I mean the picture quality, I have no basis to decide whether or not something is a ‘good snuff film’.

About the time the first moving images were being produced – the very first moving images – there was a man supposedly using this thing that was such an advance of what the world had it would freak everyone out. But he was using it to make wank-death films. And keeping the device a secret. I found it SLIGHTLY unbelievable.

I will be watching for at least one more week. If not all of the three series that will inevitably get made.

Racist Debt Collector

That heading is a shocker eh?

Our flat keeps being mistaken for that of someone who has debts that need collecting. So for the second time in a week I had to ring someone to tell them they have left a card at the wrong flat. I didn’t even have to explain to him who I was. He just said, “Clearly it’s not you mate, he’s called Moses or something the guy we are after.” Apparently a broad Northern accent precludes someone from being called Moses. If you are a presumptuous racist.

It could be something to use to my advantage. Run up a load of debt under non-Anglo-Saxon name and merely accept the apologies of the racist debt collectors when they hear my voice/see my face as I walk away laughing to myself.

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