Friday 21 December 2012


That was the date – if you forget about the 20 in the year. Mental. There was a lot of fuss about the world ending. But it didn’t. Because people can’t predict the future. Even now with lots of brilliant technology and machines and clever people we are still shocked by stuff every day, “sorry we didn’t know about that weather, yeah I know we spend millions predicting the weather and we have small parts of news shows dedicated to bragging about how we know the weather but often we get it about as right as someone could from taking a rough guess from looking out of the window and/or making an educated guess from what time of year it is.”

So that the world didn’t end because of a calendar from years ago was hardly a fucking shock was it? And I don’t even think it was a prediction that the world would end – just the end of the calendar. Like us all thinking the world is going every December 31st. Well not quite because this was a cycle of over 5000 years. But similar. At least all you had to put up with was lots of people making shit jokes about it – and a much smaller amount of people making OK jokes about it. There was no-one making very funny jokes about it. No-one. If you did a joke about it on your Facebook status or in a twitter microblog then you almost certainly were being a twat.

Hundreds of people were arrested in China for believing in a looming doomsday. I don’t like stupid people but arresting them seems a bit on the harsh side for just thinking it might be the end of the world.

Crush Free Thought

They tend to crush free thought and criticism in everything in China. Not just the end of the world. Orson Welles was right in The Third Man – well technically the character of Harry Lime was right in The Third Man – you need a bit of conflict to produce interesting stuff. Boring stuff or oppression doesn’t really work, unless the oppressed fight back. But then I’m not sure Chinese people don’t want to be oppressed. They seem so compliant with it when we see them on the news…near soldiers with guns.

Radio 5 Live was a further example of the need for people having some conflict to be interesting. I’m no stranger to getting wound up by people being dicks on talk-radio phone-ins. But I enjoy this act of getting wound up. At least people talking the opposite of common sense reaffirms that I am right about everything. This afternoon the phone-in was people talking about occasions where they had used First Aid. First Aid is a great skill. More people…all people should possess First Aid training. But they should not then be on national radio describing – very boringly – about putting someone in the recovery position.

I mean I don’t know First Aid. Or what it’s like in China. Doesn’t stop most people writing about shit, though, does it?

Christvent Image No. 21: Korean Man on a Cliff Dressed in Santa Outfit

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