Thursday 20 December 2012

Why do Evil German Groups Rhyme with Carsy*?

The one place I think I regret not visiting in Berlin was the museum to what life was like in the communist East Berlin. I can imagine that it was fucking miserable and everyone was constantly being assumed to be a spy/informer/conspirator. I really just wanted to know how evil the Stasi was. I suppose the official museum to East Berlin is probably not the place to find that out anyway. They got away with murder (literally could accurately be added to the sentence here) did the Stasi. How many other evil and repressive organisations that made people’s lives hell easily fade into insignificance because of the actions of some other lads 20 years earlier in the same country? Not often in bad terms anyway – happens loads in good ways. Who remembers the 1992 British Olympians? No-one. They are our Stasi to the 2012 teams Nazis.

Yeah I know Nazi doesn’t even rhyme with carsy unless you pronounce it cazzi. Which I do.

Charity Begins at Home

A drawback of living in Manchester is that people from Merseyside and Yorkshire fly to locations from the same airport as you when you leave the country. Many of these people are simply as annoying as people with a Mancunian accent. But they have a different accent and annoy me a bit more. Of course in some cases it is not my prejudice it is because people with weird Yorkshire accents – especially – are often backwards and small-time. But mainly it is just me hating lots of people and finding reasons to justify it.

This isn’t meant as a thing where a bi-product just happens to be that I look great/generous – it just happens that it is a bi-product. And I don’t really look great or generous. Let me explain: When were on the flight the flight team did an announcement where they said they were doing a Christmas collection for UNICEF. Fair dos. So a flight attendant walked up the aisle with a bag for people to put money in. We were sat on the seventh row and I was the first person to put something in. One row was unseated. But still that it 30 people in front of me who didn’t even think they could spare one little bit of change for the international children’s charity. Just seemed a bit unseasonal and mean to me: justifying me saying mean things about them and they way the backwards bastards talk.

I suppose people are careful where their money is going what with all the charity singles they have to get to Christmas number one. I’m just saying I like to specifically know where my money is going (protecting children’s rights worldwide) rather than to the concept of justice that I can’t really locate where my money is going. You may have seen through my subtle reference to the current stick that the British public are being beaten over the head with: getting charity singles to Christmas number one. Just ask me for a donation to your charity (if it’s a charity/cause) and you can have a donation. Don’t try and make me feel bad for not buying some money where x amount goes to the charity when I would in fact happily donate the full amount to said charity to NOT own some single. Also: being Christmas number one means nothing in terms of the rightness of your charitable cause.

Speaking of charities, I am well versed to be ridiculously contrary to the needs of good causes. Only recently I managed to offend the NSPCC so much that one of their employees had to defend their work. Maybe that was a point where I should have learned a lesson and stopped writing blogs having a go at people trying to do good things in the world. At least I have learned the lesson about when I should have learned a lesson. Moving in the right direction.

Advent Image #20 Merry Cokemas (in German)

I am hammering this image quite a lot.


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