Sunday 16 December 2012


The NSPCC are really doing my fucking head in, the stupid bastards.

What have I done to the NSPCC? I give them a small amount each month and have done for a few years. It’s not some guilt money like others who have raised money for charity might donate – your Saviles etc. It’s just a nod to kids who have a tough fucking knock. Let’s just say I’m holding back on a couple of decent box-sets a a year. I like to think charities do OK out of me on a piecemeal basis but the NSPCC? They get theirs come rain or shine – I go out of my way to make sure they get their money each month, but not cancelling the direct debit I set up.

I’m not asking for some statue of me to be erected. I’m not asking for the NSPCC to put a plaque up to commemorate my charitable donations. I’m not even asking for the NSPCC to call their offices the Philip Bridgehouse Towers. I don’t want any of that. I don’t want anything. That’s a lie actually, I want the NSPCC to succeed in their aim to end all cruelty to children; when I walk down a street (in the UK, they couldn’t give a fuck about the rest of the World and, frankly, neither could I) and don’t see someone being cruel to a child I just think “that’s a little bit to do with me”. And that’s enough for me, it really is.

But what have the NSPCC done for me? I’ll fucking tell you (for nothing). They have rang me about once a day for the last month. Never once leaving a message. Well, that’s a lie, actually: someone once left me a minute of white noise a couple of weeks ago. But aside from that it is one or two missed calls a day with no message. Why wont they leave a message? The dicks. I know what they after. You know what they are after. They know I know what they are after. They also know you know what they are after. And they couldn’t give a flying one.

Oh, I’m sorry is what I am giving you not enough? Well it’s more than what I am going to be giving them if they don’t fuck off with the missed calls. What I mean by this is that I am going to cancel my monthly donation if they don’t quit hassling me. I think everyone was with me on that one but there are some simpletons who (claim to) read this blog (Hi Yazoo!).

My gauntlet is thrown down: NSPCC either leave me a voicemail or fuck off. You’re really annoying me with this. In fact if you don’t stop it I am going to not only stop the donations I am going to start giving DOUBLE what I currently donate to people who are cruel to children. Let’s see who really gives a fuck about children.

Christadvent Pictimage #16 though it’s #15 really but I didn’t include one when I was writing about the guns/Americans being mental: The Kennedys at Christmas

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2 Responses to Sunday 16 December 2012

  1. Alison says:

    Hi – we really don’t want to annoy our supporters and we do appreciate whatever donation you can make. If you give us a call on 020 7825 2505 or drop an email to with your contact info we can make sure you are taken off our phone list. And thank you again for making a monthly donation. Here’s a bit more info about how that money helps children and families.

    • house78 says:

      Hi Alison, Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I was mainly being OTT for humorous effect. An effect I regularly fail to achieve. My regular donation is not really in danger; but yes the missed calls/no voicemails is irksome. Will do said email. Thanks again for the email and keep up the good work.

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