Saturday 15 December 2012

Guns Don’t Kill People…No Wait They Do, Admittedly They Need Someone To Fire Them But Ultimately Do Kill People

If Noel Gallagher had a gun he would shoot a hole into the sun. Sadly other people seem to be focussed on shooting a large number of people to death. Not for the first time I wondered why insane Americans couldn’t be more like Noel Gallagher.

The horrible news from last night didn’t seem any less horrible in the morning light. I can’t offer a deep and educated opinion in to why these tragedies keep happening but I can say with a good deal of certainty that if guns were harder to get hold of, or even impossible to obtain then there would be less cases of people walking into places full of people and shooting lots of them dead.

The Americans definitely need to get over this right to bear arms shit. It’s the SECOND amendment. Second. Why were they even thinking about the right to have a weapon when setting out the fundamental tenets of their country’s constitution? Because Americans then were clearly as fucking mental as Americans are now. A good guide is that the next amendment is that it is not allowed to gather soldiers in someone’s house – unless they know about it. So, you are allowed to gather an army – as long as you check with whoever owns the house you are gathering them in. The fourth amendment is that you aren’t allowed to be searched unless people have the correct warrant to do so. It seems like it is about liberty but when the previous two are about having guns and quartering soldiers then it kind of sounds a bit more like a reason to allow someone to get some soldiers together and give them guns – without mithering them. Unless of course they are doing it in the house of someone whose permission they don’t have.

Then the amendments get all about due process and the right to a jury and all stuff like that. Which seems to me to be getting your priorities wrong. Though if your first few amendments are about making sure people can have guns, gather soldiers and not get mithered off the five-oh then you are pretty much going to need a legal system at some stage when someone exploits the amendments to kill lots of people.

Controversially people are suggesting that there needs to be tougher gun laws to stop this kind of thing happening. Quite. My gun law would be that people can’t have a gun if they are just a normal person. And this law would not be relaxed for people with some sociopathic tendencies. Or outsider teenagers with leather trench coats.

It is all well and good for the pro-gun lobby (pro-gun lobbyists and pro-life lobbyists are ironically the same section of society) to say that guns are not the problem. And that murder happened before the invention of the gun. Yeah, remember all them news stories about depressed youths going into a school and killing lots of people by throwing pebbles at them? Or that man who threw sticks at people from the top of the tower killing loads of them?

I am pretty fucking sure that they tend to be done with guns – guns available from supermarkets, vending machines and as part of value meals at fast food restaurants*.

Ultimately I was left struggling to understand the true resonance of the tragedy as the people who did prefaced it by saying something about their own children – and I don’t have any. The flip side of this is that my childless brain has the cynicism to say something as needlessly petty as this about people expressing grief about something and framing it in a way that means something  to them. But I am not allowed to like the Olympics more than people who don’t really like sport normally. Where’s the consistency? Here is the consistency: I am a dick all the time, but I don’t have a gun.

*I haven’t fact-checked the vending machine and value meal part of this statement. It’s not completely outside the sphere of believability though is it?

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