Wednesday 12 December 2012

Leavecember 2: The Halfening

Sequels are trite enough to still pitch themselves as having “twice the laughs”/”twice the scares”/”twice the thrills”. You know what I’m fucking talking about: the shit on the posters. Well my sequel to Leavecember: Leavecember 2:Semileavecember will struggle to offer double of anything. It will be impossible to waste twice as much time  in half the time. Impossible. I am not saying I won’t give it a fucking good go. I will achieve nothing and not get close to do any of the things I would like to do with the time but I just don’t see how I can better doing it for 12 extra days.

I am not just discussing this randomly. For today was the last day of my working 2012. Yes, no more working for a week or two…I am all going on a Christmas Holiday. For people who don’t think I am capable of getting into the spirit of things then eat these facts: I took in a couple of boxes of chocolates for my team; I wore a jumper with a snowman on it and I had a turkey sandwich for lunch. If I had to put these in order of being appreciated by colleagues then I would say the sandwich was definitely bottom of the table. No-one even cared. The snowman jumper probably got the most praise, several people saying “I like your jumper” to me throughout the course of the day gave me this impression. I will leave you to work out where the tins of chocolate ranked in the three.

I’d say the worst thing about leaving work for three weeks is remembering to put your out-of-office on – which I always do. Other than that I think I prefer everything about the being on leave version of life.

Christadventmous Picturendar 2012 – No 12 Too Many Cameras

In what can only be described as tiresomely pointless, this picture odyssey continues. Today’s image to mark the countdown to the Christian festival of Christmas is a collage. A collage of six images that represent what happens when a vain ogre if left waiting in video conference suite with a phone-camera for up to three minutes.


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