Sunday 09 December 2012

Battery Chicken

The battery on my laptop has been dead for a bit. So, I’ve been looking into getting a replacement. I don’t really need one. I mainly just use my laptop on my lap (the top of it) when it is plugged in to the mains. Twice now, though, the power lead has accidentally been pulled out and I’ve had to power up from scratch. And that’s a real pain – enough of a pain to mean investing in a new battery is a good idea? Who knows? Who am I to judge?

They are relatively inexpensive. Although that depends what you are costing them relative to. There seems to be several on eBay for about £30. That – relatively – is quite expensive for a tissue but – relatively – a real bargain for a concert venue in Manhattan. It’s working out where the replacement battery lies on the scale where tissue is the bottom and a 20,000 all-seater arena is the top. It’s probably nearer the tissue – how depressing for the hours spent learning how to make batteries for the boffins who designed the batteries. They probably look down their nose at architects as well when they see someone with arena blueprints in a lift, “as if that bastard could design a lithium-ion power cell for a portable computer, the fucking wanker.”

I remain undecided. I would have been more tempted by this one on eBay if the seller information had been a bit less shit. Yeah, they have 99.6% positive feedback from over 13,000 people but the seller information is in broken English and more than one font.

We are honest eBay Seller and always hope to serve our customers best. But accident be happened once in a while. No matter what the issue is, please kindly contact us by email firstly. In order to let you satisfied absolutely, we will solve the problem for you without delay! However, if you still are not satisfied after communication, to leave neutral or negative feedback also no later than.

Should that be something that bothers me? They have feedback that conclusively says all elements of their service and products are excellent but I can’t get past that sentence ‘But accident be happened once in a while.’ And if I did get past that sentence I would run into one that ends ‘contact us by email firstly’. And if everything doesn’t work out with the battery I do have their permission to leave neutral or negative feedback – as long as it is also no later than.

Game Over

A lot of people were mourning the death of Sir Patrick Moore today. While it would be a lie to say I am in any way mourning, it wouldn’t also not be an unlie to say there were some good things about the morbidly obese stalker of the night sky. He was proper good at championing and popularising astronomy and his grizzled old mug was, for a generation of geeks, Gamesmaster. He also possessed somewhat vile opinions on matters political and was a fervent sexist. And while I couldn’t categorically say he was racist, he probably was privately a racist; he had – at different points in his life – suggested Enoch Powell, the BNP and UKIP were alright by him.

While I don’t think people should piss on his grave or make some form of public dirty protest on a giant model of his face I don’t see what is wrong with people saying they didn’t like him because he was a sexist prick. He was quite open about his views on women, for example, some might say proud of them so if some people want to mention them when he dies, what’s up with that? (As long as people aren’t shouting it into the face of grieving relatives/friends.)

Advent Calenderurous Images No IX: A couple of women looking at a Xmas Tree in the 1950s

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